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    HAST for Girraween?

    As you probably know, the HAST is split into math/science, writing, reading and comprehension, and general ability. The math and science part is basic, you just need to get your basic skills down. In the writing, you can pretty much write anything, they just give you a quote to write about, so...
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    Girraween High school entry exam

    The science questions don't require you to study for it, it's pretty much giving you a situation and answering from there. Plus when I took the test last year, it was more math based. Try buying the practice papers from the government website and completing it under a time limit. If you do...
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    Need help in regards to getting into a selective school for Year 11.

    I can't really answer your questions but here's some real advice :) Out of the four schools, I believe Girraween is the easiest to get into as they accept at least 20 new people into year 11. I transferred from a 250+ school, basically dux (if I put in effort), with a 2 B (rest A's) report, as...
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    Selective test

    HAST is the Higher Ability Selection Test, basically to test how academically gifted you are. It's split into mathematics/science, writing, reading and comprehension, and general ability which is basically figuring out patterns. If it is HAST, the selection process is against the others taking...
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    Making Maths Compulsory for HSC students

    Ha dude if only english wasn't compulsory. I suck so much at it
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    Please fill out my survey on teen pregnancy for my IRP!!

    I did it :DDDD but sorry for the informality
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    yo did you hear back from girra yet?

    yo did you hear back from girra yet?
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    NEED HELP - Interview for selective school

    It wasn't really an interview but more of a confirmation of everything like subjects, camp, how it works there blah blah blah. So they didn't really ask me anything besides if I had any questions about their school lmao
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    NEED HELP - Interview for selective school

    lol rip its aight no need to answeer! :D I got in and it's official :DDDDDDDD
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    ATAR Estimate Please :D

    This is my "friend"'s mark. I was curious to see what ATAR he'd get. Please answer :D School Rank - 32 Advanced English - 7/156 Mathematics - 17/137 Extension 1 - 15/95 Music 1 - 2/21 Studies or Religion 1 - 2/42 Biology -...
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    NEED HELP - Interview for selective school

    Hi :D I recently got called up for an interview for Girraween for this Wednesday (in two days time), and I was wondering what type of questions do they ask you? I know typical ones like "Why do you want to go to this school?", but what would be a really good answer for that? Please help, I'm...
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    Has anyone received a response from Penrith/Girraween HS?

    lol penrith declined me just the other day but girra called me up!!!!!!
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    entry to girraween in year 11

    its okay i got the call the other day!!! im so excited yall
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    Girraween Year 10 Entry 2018

    yaaaaa i got called the other day thank yall so much im so excited!!!! :dddddddd
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    Girraween High school entry exam

    Its okay yall i got notified the other day and my interview thingo is next wednesday thank yall