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    2018 HSC+ATAR results discussion Thread

    Unless you have adjustment factors for USYD, realistically you should consider alternatives such as exercise physio, and then try to internally transfer to physio or after completion consider masters of physiology. However, leave it as your 1st preference then add the alternatives. Check out...
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    UNSW Subject Reviews.

    ECON3123: Organisational Economics Ease: (7/10). Although there isn't much content for this course (even less than 1st year courses), this course emphasises interpreting algebra and concepts that you cannot find anywhere except for the lecture notes. With only lecture notes and homework...
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    Semester 2 2018 Results Discussion Thread

    Yep, no more wam glitch. It was a great ride.
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    87-88. https://rawmarks.info/
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    2018 HSC Maths MX1 Discussion

    False information about the working out but yes heaps get 100% raw. The most sound reason why the person didn't get state is most likely because he didn't get 100 for his other math course. Here's how state ranks work according the education board. Pay attention to step 3 for extension...
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    2U Maths Exam Thoughts

    Credit to harrowed2 for uploading the exam paper. Having taught the subject since 2014, here are my objective opinions for this year's exam. Multiple Choice: Like every year, there are always a couple of questions you have never seen before and you have to apply your knowledge. Otherwise...
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    UNSW Subject Reviews.

    Strange, had at the look at the assignments and they were easier than what I did back the days. Mates also said the exams were just the assignments but then again, typical actl kids.
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    UNSW Subject Reviews.

    ECON2101 Microeconomics 2 - Absolute joke if you enjoy the quantitative side behind Micro 1, found this easier than Micro 1. You'll need calculus for this course though. ECON3101 Markets and Equilibrium - "Micro 3" and has the reputation for being easier than Micro 2. ECON3107 Economics of...
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    What ATAR would you need for UNSW actually?

    97.00 for a guaranteed entry which is for december round. The 1st january round 96.50 was the cutoff which increased compared with previous years. Check the UNSW undergraduate guide and guaranteed entry information.
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    WAM for Commerce External transfer to UNSW?

    For external applicants, your university average is converted into an equivalent ATAR and you'll be assessed with this converted mark. You may also be assessed with the 2018 HSC cohort depending on the timing of your application. si2136's point is absolutely correct so you want to it to be...
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    Trial past paper please help

    Q4: You need to review the geometrical applications of differentiation topic. f(2) = 8 implies that at x = 2, the function value f(x) is 8, i.e. (2,8) f'(2) = 6 > 0 implies the function is increasing at x = 2, i.e. sloping upwards f''(2) = 2 > 0 implies the function is concave up at x = 2, i.e...
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    The UNSW Scaling Thread

    ECON3107 - Definitely no scaling MGMT1001 - Definitely no scaling FINS3635 - No scaling (Not sure though since if added up, would've got 100% in the Finals) FINS3636 - No scaling
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    UNSW Subject Reviews.

    FYI, MGMT1001 has been dumbed down since prior, it had a reputation as being the wam killer. From this semester's LIC: MGMT1001 students did very well. For this course, the S1 average mark was 70.26% (remember a credit is a good mark at UNSW!). Furthermore, we had 37% of the students obtain a...