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    Business/IT at UTS to Commerce/CompSci at UNSW

    Hey guys! I'm currently studying a Business and IT double degree at UTS and after next week will have completed 1.5 years of my degree. I've received an offer for Commerce/CompSci at UNSW and was hoping that I could get some extra opinions over whether I should transfer. Do you think it's...
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    Best Alternative Entry Pathway (Commerce)

    I don't think I'll have trouble getting the 82 at all, honestly I think I can get it with minimal study. My parents though are really big on planning for the worst outcome, they're the ones who want me to research this stuff.
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    Best Alternative Entry Pathway (Commerce)

    Hey guys, I want to do a Bachelor of Commerce at ANU but I'm just planning for what to do if I don't meet the ATAR requirement. However I'm confused by the alternative pathway schemes they have and I'm unsure of what would be the best way to get into the program if I get below an ATAR of 82...
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    Scaling for my situation

    I've already read the stickies on scaling however the information there is very generalised and I still have questions :P So I'm ranked 10th out of 14 in Economics. But, I go to a school which is always ranked in the top 50 and 8 out of 14 of the economics students to Ext 2 Maths. Basically...
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    Help with short answer question

    Cheers for the help (y)
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    Help with short answer question

    "Analyse the impact of high level of foreign debt on the Australian economy" What would be a good answer to this short answer question?
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    Studying Abroad

    I've begun considering studying abroad, is there anyone here who has done it or known someone who's done it? One of my questions has to do with entry requirements. If I study abroad, would they care about my ATAR? I'm assuming they would most likely not care as long as I paid them tbh. I...
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    Major Work Question - Multimedia

    Do markers like anything specific when marking major works for multimedia? I initially wanted to make a film involving portals e.g. My film would have a plot though, not just be trick-shots. However, would it be easier to get a band 6 if I made a...
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    Which subjects should I take for year 12?

    After consideration of your advice I will probably stick with the list I made. My only decision at the moment is Multimedia vs. Physics where I will most likely take Multimedia. Thanks for your assistance. Oh and if anyone wanted to know, here are my rankings for each subject. I probably...
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    Which subjects should I take for year 12?

    I'm sorry if I posted this thread in the wrong section. So here are the 12 units I am doing at the moment and a short comment on each. 1. Advanced English - I hate it, and I'm doing consistently average. 2. Advanced Mathematics - I'm doing decent in maths, however if I dropped down to...