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    External or Internal Transfer Easier?

    so wait is it easier to transfer into Comm/law if you do just straight commerce or is it better to do like commerce/economics?
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    Section II - Short Answer

    would u get a mark for saying that high inflation results in lower unemployment as illustrated in the phillips curve
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    good idea for xtra marks

    this guy is so BEAST
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    General Thoughts: Mathematics

    yeh the middle sections were pretty tough n question 10 was relatively easier than past years though prolly lookin at around 110 as long as i havent made a shitload of silly mistakes!
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    hey mate,i saw ur signature n read 96 in german!i was just wondering if u could give me a few...

    hey mate,i saw ur signature n read 96 in german!i was just wondering if u could give me a few tips on like how to do well in german? just like wat the markers are looking for etc. and also in terms of prep... i know its a lil last minute hahabut it would be much appreciated thanks
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    How many pages

    9,9,10 = 28 pages
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    German Trial Results

    Howd everyone go in their trial exams i got 86 - would have liked 90 though
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    CSSA Economics 2009

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    Goethe-Institut HSC preparation courses

    Hey i was just wondering if anyone has done one of these courses (e.g. Preparation for HSC continuers exam 4 days) offered by Goethe. I think they are like a holiday course - if anyone has done one just share your thoughts on whether it was worth it or just a plain waste of time
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    2008 HSC School Rankings

    Re: Top 200 Schools - Daily Telegraph Whoa! my school (Kings) has gone from 76 to 37! thats a huge improvement
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    HSC Aims: Marks, Ranks

    I want these external marks and internal ranks next year English Advanced - 92% - 4th English Extension 1 - 90% - 5th Maths 2Unit - 97% - 1st Maths Extension 1 - 94% - 13th Chemistry - 93% - 3rd Economics - 95% - 1st German - 92% - 1st
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    Native Speakers

    i think they shouldnt be allowed cos i know for a fact that chinsese people cant study chinese - so shouldnt it be the same for all languages! Also yeah i agree that some of them bomb out - but when it comes to their grammar we have no chance! - also we are compared to them in speaking which...
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    Holiday Workshops/Courses

    i agree they are heaps expensive prior is like 4,000 or something a year and if u do like 3 courses with them thats 12,000 - i think its a massive waste
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    Native Speakers

    Hey i was wondering wat u guys think about native speakers sitting the german exams - unfair - especially speaking? Also how many of u are native speakers
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    Your yr 11 eng AoS

    We did that for Extension English Yeah atm we're doing Satire