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Recent content by Rhinoz8142

  1. Rhinoz8142

    Official Cryptocurrency Thread

    Bought some recently, looking into ALTCoins now.
  2. Rhinoz8142

    Summer Vacation Internship's 2017/2018

    lol I am aiming for those haha.
  3. Rhinoz8142

    Post a picture of your ride

    Hahaha, that is what I say to myself whenever I hold the steering wheel. But, one day one day.
  4. Rhinoz8142

    Which famous person(s) have you seen/met?

    Tahir Bilgiç.
  5. Rhinoz8142

    Post Your 2017 University Offers Here

    lol, good luck with ABDA !
  6. Rhinoz8142

    Post a picture of your ride

    hahah, yea it took me 3 years but I eventually got it !.
  7. Rhinoz8142

    Post a picture of your ride

    wow, lucky hahaha. My car was just passed down from my older brother, but I am lucky to have one !
  8. Rhinoz8142

    Post a picture of your ride

    Introducing Micrbae, Easy on the mileage but not that powerful, nevertheless it does the job.
  9. Rhinoz8142

    Post a picture of your ride

    you bought a new car, CONGRATS !
  10. Rhinoz8142

    Going for licence in Australia after 21?

    If you have an international licence then all you have to do is the computer test and driving test then only you will be granted with your green Ps, I also assume that you can get your full license after the age of 25.
  11. Rhinoz8142

    My new dilemma when picking a car.

    man, seremify and amher are like goals..
  12. Rhinoz8142

    UTS 2016 Spring Semester Results

    and u thought u were about to fail bhahaahhahaha
  13. Rhinoz8142

    ACTL1101 Questions Help (mostly first year uni probability)

    this is something similar to my finance subject, where we discuss risk and return.
  14. Rhinoz8142

    Any attention from genetically inferior males

    Honestly, it is all about mindset, your mentality reflects on who you are as a person. If you think "I am sad, unattractive, not good looking, and no one likes me" obvs that is going to happen. But if you think in a opposite way meaning with a positive mentality/having a heart you would be...