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Recent content by SalButtsworth

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    chemical reactions releasing sulfur dioxide

    does anyone know and chemical reactions that release sulfur dioxide or oxides of nitrogen and their equations.. obviously there is the usuall ones of extracting sulfur from metals but wat about combustion of fossil fuels??
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    enzymes and insufficient functioning

    when enzymes arent workng effiecently wat does the metabolic rate slow down. organ functioning?? and sutf flike that???
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    why do some chemicals dissolve in ethanol

    does anyone have a list of pure substances that dissolve in ethanol
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    why do some chemicals dissolve in ethanol

    because methylated spirits is 95% ehtanol. would the same property apply??
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    why do some chemicals dissolve in ethanol

    why do some chemicals dissolve in ethanol and some dont?? is it because of polarity where polar substances will only dissovle in other polar substances?
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    hsc assessment one

    haha thankyou that helps heaps.. wat sort of substances do u think i should use?? i was thinking becuase they have to be as close to pure as they can be that i will use bicarb soda, citric acid (lemon juice) and the blue crystals that u can buy at a hardware store lol im having a mind blank...
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    Jardi Tancat & Falling Angels

    what were your concepts for composition???
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    hsc assessment one

    i dunno if we all get the same assessment task but i have one for this subject. i have to try to find solubility of pure substances in ethanol (alcohol) anyone got any ideas???