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    Post your results and wam thread (s2/14)

    Mine has not changed at all, still showing the same amount of UOC passed and same WAM. Must be missing something...
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    Provisional Exam Timetable

    I think this is pretty much the length of the exam period
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    Bachelor of Commerce/Economics

    Awesome guys, thanks for the responses, now I've just got to work out how to cram it all in haha
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    Bachelor of Commerce/Economics

    It probably has been answered before but I couldn't find and it may have changed, Can you complete 3 majors for this degree, i.e Finance, Economics and Accounting majors? Thanks in advance
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    Econ1203 (stats) project - how long did it take you to do it?

    I guess it depends on how quickly you work out what you do, but doing the calculations take about the same as writing the report. Although I'm not sure I did the hypothesis testing correctly so its taking me longer than it would take the average person
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    ECON1203 project help

    One of the key performance indicators is that "the average customer spends more than $255 per day in excess of accommodation costs" I am just wondering what is the null hypothesis in this case, is it H0: U=255 or H0: U≥255 or Ho: U>255 Any help would be much appreciated
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    The UNSW Textbook Buy/Sell Thread

    Buying ECON1101- Principles of microeconomics 3ED ECON1203- Statistics for Management and Economics Abbreviated Edition ACCT1501- Financial Accounting An Integrated Approach MARK1012- Principles of Marketing 5ED
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    Maths in an economics degree

    Has anyone done any of the following courses ECON2209 (Business forecasting), ECON3107 (Economics of Finance) and ECON3206 (Financial econometrics) and is the maths tough is these courses and are they hard in general
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    Maths in an economics degree

    Thanks for the replies guys
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    Maths in an economics degree

    I am doing an economics degree but I only did 2U maths, is the maths tough and is there any courses with hard mathematical concepts
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    ATARs of people who did standard english

    92.9 Eng (standard) 87 Maths (2U) 81 Eco 86 SOR 1 44 Business 89 Geography 93
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    ATARs of people who did standard english

    92.9 Eng (standard) 87 Maths (2U) 81 Eco 86 SOR 1 44 Business 89 Geography 93
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    UNSW Roll Call 2013

    Bachelor of economics 1st year
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    2013 UNSW Offers

    I have enrolled and done my timetable and now myunsw is not working, anyone else got the same problem
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    Back to back classes

    It just has matsc so I guess that's what it means Thanks for the quick reply