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    Wagga Campus 2014 - Ag

    accommodation - read my other comment in the Wagga accommodation thread supplies and shit - you can get anything here in wagga, shit you supply yourself scholarships - the thing with CSU is that you got to apply in the first week itself random stuff - campus got some new bus service, it's...
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    Accomodation at Wagga

    I have experience with accom for CSU in Wagga so ask away. Some updates (as at Dec 2013) so that students in 2014 will be aware. a) the very popular and cheap University bus service is no more. In its place is the more expensive commercial transport provider. b) Wagga campus has a lot of...
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    Nutrition & Dietetics

    Following story may be of interest:
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    CSU Wagga 2012

    Anyone headed out to CSU in Wagga Wagga for 2012?
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    Where do we go to get some support???

    What kind of course/uni are you trying to get in? There are other routes - may not be as straightforward as direct entry. Email me to chat if you want -