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Recent content by someth1ng

  1. someth1ng

    B. Psychology

    There's almost certainly ~2000 in PSYC1 but not in B. Psych.
  2. someth1ng

    Unofficial School ranking list (SMH)

    Not really. It was surprising to see Girraween break into the top 10 so a fall wasn't unexpected.
  3. someth1ng

    Which famous person(s) have you seen/met?

    Brian Schmidt and Karl Stefanovic.
  4. someth1ng

    HSC 2017 Chemistry Marathon

    Re: HSC Chemistry Marathon 2017 I have made some changes so you can see what it might look more like (not complete, but still). A few points: 1. A lot of changes to be made here, you can definitely improve your writing skills. You need to think about using less words to convey the same...
  5. someth1ng

    HSC 2016 Chemistry Marathon

    Re: HSC Chemistry Marathon 2016 -ide is usually an elemental ion (eg fluoride/F-, chloride/Cl-, azide/N3-). -ide and -ate: when an element forms two different oxyanions (a polyatomic anion that contains oxygen), the one with less oxygen is -ite while the one with more oxygen is -ate (eg...
  6. someth1ng

    Chemistry Question

    This. On a related note, temperature affects things like solubility of oxygen. If the temperature of water changed as much as air, the amount of oxygen could range from very high to very low, killing organisms. Further, temperature will affect rate of chemical reactions in an organism.
  7. someth1ng

    USYD Chatter Thread 2016

    Re: USYD Chatter Thread - Semester 1 2016 Probably worth mentioning that you're interested in moving on to honours. Either way, most places give a lot of weight to grades.
  8. someth1ng

    Prelim Chem Thread

    DeltaH refers to the change in energy of the products vs reactants. If the final products have a total energy that is LESS than the reactants, energy must have been released. The opposite for endothermic reactions.
  9. someth1ng

    Want to do a double major? Possible?

    You can double major but in your third year, you won't have any electives. In your second, you will have at most, four electives.
  10. someth1ng

    Bachelor of Advanced Science Enrolment HELP!!

    Not really that mathematical...
  11. someth1ng

    HSC 2016 Chemistry Marathon

    Re: HSC Chemistry Marathon 2016 Top middle is a ketone. The -COOH denotes a carboxylic acid.
  12. someth1ng

    Ozone and oxygen molecule reactivity

    What you said is also technically wrong. If you measure it, both bonds are absolutely identical. Resonance is NOT a swapping effect (that would be an equilibrium). The strength of both bonds will be the average of what a double bond and a single bond would be (approximately 1.5 bonds).
  13. someth1ng

    What does the dot mean in the middle of chemical compounds?

    The dot means that the crystals that formed were made so the crystal structure contains both of those molecules at a particular ratio. That is, the crystal structure is still repeating but it contains both compounds. This is why different hydrates of what otherwise appear to be the same compound...
  14. someth1ng

    Response Feedback (neutralisation)

    Just be careful with words like "definitely" because the situation is not clear - they haven't said they have access to other reagents and hence, it's still possible that 6 M HCl is still their only choice or if they only had other strong acids.
  15. someth1ng

    USYD Chatter Thread 2016

    Re: USYD Chatter Thread - Semester 1 2016 I don't think how I feel about university education can be accurately described as a right nor a privilege.