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    creative writing major

    I am interested in majoring in creative writing. Not simply because I want to be a writer, (I do want to become a better writer, and if possible do some freelance writing) but I am also hoping it could propel me into the area of communications, marketing/ advertising copywriter or PR. Just...
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    winter school at macquarie uni

    I was thinking in enrolling in a unit for winter school, but I've looked at the page of units available during the Winter vacation period and there seems to be the types of units like language residential units or PACE type units or internships. I'm a first year and I was hoping there would...
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    POL107 (Thinking Politically), what's it like?

    Thinking of taking this unit. I did well in ancient history in high school, but I'm unsure about this unit. Are the readings and ideas difficult to follow?
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    BIO108 major essay tips

    At the moment I am in the midst of completing the BIO108 essay. being primarily a humanities student I'm not sure if I am writing the essay right for a science unit. I have chosen the topic on what factors contribute to new infectious diseases in modern society. The lecturer refers to the...
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    Best language to take in university

    Law firms do look favourably upon candidates who speak more than one language but it depends on relevance to that company. Like if you are required to negotiate with a Korean law firm or clients, knowing fluent korean would be advantageous. Same with Chinese. Languages useful in contemporary...
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    careers opportunities in arts

    Careers could be directed towards working in government, security/ intelligence. For example studying political science and pursuing a career in counter-terrorism and security. Working in banks if you study economics, e.g. economic policies/ fiscal policies in governments, banks, organisations IMF
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    creative writing at Macquarie?

    hey everyone, I have always loved to write, whether I'm a good writer is another question, but anyway, I know there is a creative writing major at macquarie and I was thinking of completing a minor in creative writing, as a secondary interest. I just wanted to know from past/ current...
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    POL107 Thinking Politically or MHIS114 The World Since 1945:An Australian perspective

    hi all, I just wanted some advice on choosing subjects for session 2. For my major I can choose between Thinking Politically and The World Since 1945: An Australian perspective. I've looked at the unit guides and exam papers, but am still unsure which one to pick. Thinking politically...
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    Please, Any tips for studying PHL137 Critical Thinking

    I just got back my midsession assessment worth 25% weighting and I was pretty disappointed as I got 68% or 17/ 25. I spent a lot of time on it also because I really want a distinction. The marker didn't provide any feedback either, so I've emailed my tutor about it, but i just wanted some tips...
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    Studying a masters in law at usyd with a bachelors at another university

    I'm asking for a friend who is considering studying a Masters degree in law and specialising in criminology, international law or human rightrs law. She is considering the University of Sydney, not only because it appears to have a rigorous law program but it is also close to her workplace...
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    Law study guides

    i'm at Macquarie
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    Help, law programs

    Consider Macquarie Uni, UoW etc. they take quite a few students below the cut-off
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    Law study guides

    I've heard there are law study guides that help summarise important information in a law unit e.g. contracts, admin law etc. which are useful for studying, especially when consolidating information from readings. I just wanted to know where these kinds of study guides can be found or bought...
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    4.0 GPA at Macquarie

    I think Macquarie has this thing called the Merit List or Merit Scholars Program thing for students who perform well in their studies. I got onto this list due to my HSC ATAR, however they are changing the rules next year. In 2017 they state the student needs to get a 4.0GPA to continue being in...
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    Tips for studying uni-level human biology or biology in general

    Hi alphabetafeta96, thanks so much for all your advice, it was really helpful and MC questions would definitely be helpful as I don't have a lot of an idea of the style of biology questions). My other units are all law and arts. I'm doing a global politics unit, a law unit and a critical...