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    Yo, wondering if any of you guys going to smshs yr 11!
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    Australian Maths competition

    Hey guys, so I'm wondering how many people are competing in the Australian Maths Competition. I'm also wondering what type of questions will be in the test, like word problems or what? If you guys have any idea please tell! Greatly appreciated.
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    Year 10 Work Experience

    It says 2015, is it still running?
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    Year 10 Work Experience

    Hey guys, so currently I am in year 10 and we have to choose a place for work experience. Currently, I do not have any ideas on this, but I know I want it include the fields of science or maths, so I am wondering if you guys know any places that do work experience that are in the fields of...
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    Help with precipitation reaction

    Since Zinc Sulfide isn't soluble in water. For a precipitation reaction to occur, the two reactants must be soluble. However, in this case, Zinc Sulfide isn't soluble , hence it can't be classified as a precipitation reaction.
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    keep or drop ext 1?

    Agreed, Eddie Woo has great videos where he easily elaborates whatever you need
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    Year 9 & 10 Chat Thread

    Read past HSC papers and their answers, you can learn a thing or two from what the general answer should be. It helped me out, it should too to you.