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    Best tutoring centre for Physics?

    Sigma without a doubt
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    Organic chemistry help

    a) Condensation reaction, similar to esterification, but instead of a ester link, there will be a amide link b) esterification reaction, the name of the ester will have the alcohol with suffix -yl first followed by the acid with a suffix of -oate. In this case, you name the alcohol first...
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    Synergy, peak or sigma or others

    Can concur from experience
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    phys + chem hsc

    why not both?
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    Calculus in pphysics ???

    pre sure you can, but if u make a single error then you dont get any mark for it. But no point really in using calculus. Anything u can do with calculus, is much easier using the formulas. Just plug and chug
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    10 units in year 12

    Don't you have to wait until term 1 to drop down to 10u?
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    chemistry or physics

    Look into the course forboth yr 11 and 12 for chem and phys, and choose which one seems more interesting. Don't worry bout how others r doing with it, if they are doing bad, high chance that they find it boring. So choose which one has more interesting content
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    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. 8 seats to sit on. Mariya must be in seat 1 and Aofa can't be in seat 8, so for now we will put her on the second seat: M A _ _ _ _ _ _. Then you got the 3 ppl that gotta be together so : M A c m h _ _ _ _. For those 3 ppl, they have 4 patterns in which they can sit, and they...
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    was there something before this question? I've seen the cos3x cos 5x cos7x in one of the cosAcosB=1/2 (cos(A-B) .... whatever the formula is
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    Differentiation of exponentials help plz:)

    Is this still in the syllabus? I thought they removed it
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    11 UNITS!?

    lmao exact same subjects as me. 3 sciences isn't hard and if u like maths then 3u will be ez, but you do gotta put a lot of effort into the subjects if you want to do good.
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    Oxidation and Reduction (Chem)

    Ah yeh, didn't realise what I was saying, even when I stated that oxidation is losing lol. Thanks for pointing it out!
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    Oxidation and Reduction (Chem)

    OILRIG: Oxidatoin Is Losing, Reduction is Gaining. Simple terms, if electron is on RHS, its an oxidation reaction, if its on LHS its a reduction. ie Cu_{(s)}\rightarrow Cu^{2+}_{(aq)} + 2e^- is an oxidation reactoin cos the copper is loosing of an electron. The reverse of this would be a...
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    Molarity and Concentration

    n=cv (In datasheet so no need to worry about remembering). Thats probably the most important formula in molarity. You also have the c1v1=c2v2, but this is only used in dilution. You also have the other measurements of concentration like w/w%, v/w%, ppm and like 2 more I think, but they are just...
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    how do you find the maximum distance of a trajectory?

    easiest thing to do is to draw a rough sketch of the graph. Then you can easily find the max distance with a given time. For a) you can imagine that you're restricting the domain so that its only from -infity to 6 (As it asks for the first 6 seconds). then you just need to find when it is the...