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Recent content by Tofuu

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    Is it risky to do Extention 2 Maths

    if you want to do it, then do it with your attitude at the moment you'll probably do well in it To get a tutor or not is up to you. Some people learn better with a tutor, some can learn from their teachers...etc
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    Any 4u maths students cbf with 2u?

    its probably for the best as it allows people to drop 4unit later on and get an accurate ranking for 2unit later on
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    does anyone have a pdf to word converter???

    try cutepdf to convert you print the doc and select cute pdf as your printer
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    Study plans for preliminary course?

    In yr 12 and still struggle to do ore than 2 hours a day
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    Subjects for Year 11+12 - HELP!

    maybe MX2 is an exception (only if you will put a decent amount of effort in or you're a math freak)
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    Stupidest thing you've been punished for?

    talking when the teacher talk = detention
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    odd and even function

    even f(x)= f(-x) odd f(-x)=-f(x) neither is when non of the above cases are true
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    odd and even function

    even f(x)= f(-x) odd f(-x)=-f(x) neither is when non of the above cases are true
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    i think he means integrate with respect to r and then rearrange if you have the initial conditions to find c, find c if not, then just move c over as its just a constant
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    you can, you just have to rearrange the equation you have for t
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    You can do this x=\int \frac{1}{2y}dy you cannot do this because its integrating in respect to y and yet you have x x=\int \frac{1}{2x}dy
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    the first part is correct the second part is not the answer you can only integrate if its 1/2y, not 1/2x
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    not sure what you mean, but in the first example this is what you're doing x=\int \frac{1}{2x}dy you cant integrate 1/2x if its dy the second example is pretty much correct
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    i don't think you can do that. You're integrating 1/2x in respect to y not x