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    How many pages did you write?

    yeh bout same for me; Section2. 12pgs section3. (a) 7pgs (b) 9pgs section4. 11pgs
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    How many pages did you write?

    I know it is both quality and qantity, but just wondering.........
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    Trotsky Personality

    I made it into my own question, because I’m an elitist, like Trotsky. In the second question (To what extent does history present us with a balanced interpretation of this personality) I referred to how his inability to use his relationship with Lenin and his dedication to the revolution cost...
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    Cold War

    Reading this makes me think i didint do so well.... oh well!
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    But stalin is remembered more in historical terms; dont forget that arguement. Plus Trotsky was anti social in the political party, his means where his ends