Hi, I'm Velocifire.

Thanks to many people:

It is now safe to say I cry in corners, but instead, these 14 amazing people have motivated me to the point where I haven't had a breakdown since ever talking to them! These guys tell me anything is possible. Sometimes kind words with compelling nature are needing to bring someone back together when they are falling apart.

Also, references, if you need help with anything, you can PM any of these people, they are legit and very trustworthy, even to new faces, they were kind enough to go out of their way and their routines to offer me advice despite having a busy schedule including Year 11, Year 12, University or Transitioning into Year 11. Other people, including friends and family, just tell me to man up but ultimately it is more than that or probably would just laugh/ignore me If I explain my problems to them. The 14 people listed above are the exact opposite, they will hear you out and won't be biased against you.

You people are the GOATS! I owe it to you guys, someway or somehow. I'm at an all-time high with my mood and my general approach to everything from the day of meeting y'all. Good luck and stay safe you guys.
Galar Pokè-League
Custom Subtitle
Academic Programme
Preliminary HSC
Educational Institution
Pokemon Trainer's School
Political Views
Favourite Music
I wanna be the very best - Pokemon Theme Song
Favourite TV Shows
Bob The Builder
Bananas In Pajamas
Dragon Ball Z
My Hero Academia
Game of Thrones
Favourite Movies
Fast and Furious
Favourite Books
Pride and Prejudice
The Qu'ran
Brief Lives
The Great Gatsby
Anime Manga - Pokemon/My Hero Academia/ Dragon Ball/One Piece
Favourite Quote
Evolution is the solution!
Future Plans
Industry Interests
Engineering, Healthcare/Medical, IT, Legal


:angel:3u Math :caffeine: 2u English :biglaugh: Chemistry :shoot:Biology :chainsaw2: Physics :hammer: I.P.T

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