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Recent content by Wet_Lettuce

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    What to do if u forget to tick the box at the end of the booklet

    Don't stress about it. The exam supervisors go around after everyone has left, making sure everything has been done correctly.
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    Using MX2 skills in Physics exam?

    That does sound correct. If you're using calculus in a non-calculus course (It should involve calculus :rolleyes:) then technically you're going outside of the syllabus to solve the problems and not using your knowledge of the course. Also could piss them off if they don't understand the complex...
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    HSC Standard/Advanced Paper 1 Exam Thoughts

    I got text 3 mixed up with text 4 and wrote them in the wrong sections hahahahaha had to scribble out the text 4 and text 3 at the top of the page and write a little note hahaha
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    T.S. Elliot HSC Paper 2

    Surely with the emergence of a new syllabus they will go a bit easier on us!
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    T.S. Elliot HSC Paper 2

    Hey guys, With the HSC quickly approaching, I was hoping to get everyone’s thoughts regarding whether or not they will specify one of the poems of T.S. Elliot for the essay, or whether it will be left open for us to decide which ones to use
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    Study and Results

    Hey Guys, I've always been pretty good at math but since starting year 12 and completing 3 assessment tasks (2U Math), I only average around 60%. Since the first test I flunked, my study has increased and i complete past paper questions but still do shit in exams. Even when i think I've covered...
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    Flunked Tests

    Hey guys, got my assessment marks back for this term and I went terrible. I got below 40% for chemistry (15% weighting) but ranked well I also only got 45% for my 2u test worth (20%). These marks pissed me off so much because I know the content and can always complete the homework without any...
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    Misadventure and Poor Marks

    It's a pretty mediocre school and its for maths
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    Misadventure and Poor Marks

    Hey guys, for the last few weeks i have been in and out of the surgeons office because i tore a ligament in my knee. Ive missed around one week of school and during my time back at school i have not been able to study efficiently because the injections i had in my knee made me really sick. I...
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    I choose Earth and Environmental Science but I am terrible at science

    Earth and Environmental science is not a subject to be afraid of as long as you complete your work and make a good set of class notes. It is one of the more "friendlier" sciences, but that being said, it still requires you to do work like every other subject as its worth 2 units. However...
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    Need help with 2 equations. Simple / Complex Familiar. SOLVE equation

    Jesus Christ... Are you taking the piss or are you serious?
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    Prelim Chemistry Notes

    Well that's helpful..........
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    Prelim Chemistry Notes

    Would you be able to PM it to me? Thanks heaps :)
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    Prelim Chemistry Notes

    Hey Guys, Just wondering if anyone has notes for the new chemistry syllabus that they would care to share? Yearlies are coming up in a few weeks and I need to start revising now..... If nobody has notes, I would happily collaborate with someone or a group of people and we could do a module...
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    Read this NOW!!!

    Saying we won't have food is a bit of a general statement.... Because at the end of the day, Australia will seek to import produce from overseas (China). However, I do appreciate your statement and support your argument. I agree that the farmers are being neglected. I don't understand why we...