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    What language to use for Major Project?

    That's dependant on your own preference, some people are naturally intimidated by syntax, and becomes thrown off with learning X language. You mentioned you've done VB6, you can continue you on in using VB6, or you can switch to VB.NET. Personal recommendation would be a managed language...
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    Help with a multiple choice question!

    Yes the answer is right, it's C.
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    Visual studio 2005 (VB) and SQL code

    You have to use the SqlCommand object. Create an instance of that object, making sure you pass in the name of the stored procedure as an argument, and then set the CommandType to CommandType.StoredProcedure. Invoke the ExecuteReader()/ExecuteNonQuery() methods, depending on what you want...
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    fav chinese song

    Woooohooo the new Leehom album is good, and the new Nan quan mama one is good too!
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    i love this song!!

    His new album's coming out next week!
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    Traditional of Simplified characters, and why?

    Re: 回复: Re: 回复: Re: Traditional of Simplified characters, and why? You guys have ruined the game with simplified characters. Good one.
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    Traditional of Simplified characters, and why?

    吃. This is the new game, you must quote and reply with character(s), but it must make sense.
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    log in

    This is your assignment, so i'm not going to write any code for you, but give you some giveaway tips. Unless you're going to be storing a lot inside the DB, there's probably not much of a use to have a DB just to store it there, and besides it's just a mini project, so keep it simple. In...
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    The Pokémon Center

    Is that a new pokemon?
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    Has anyone got their Wii modded?

    First of all i never knew it wasn't illegal to get your console modded, so if anyone says this thread isn't appropriate, shut it. Anyways, i've been thinking of getting my Wii modded, has anyone heard of before? I heard some friends say it's reliable, just wanted other...
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    URGENT help needed!

    That makes no sense, do you mean what's the advantages of establishing a Network at home? It depends on plenty of factors, how many workstations you have, what sort of tasks people in the household do on the computer, how frequently are computers used by all members in the family, and what is...
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    Decreasing demand for IT employees?

    It's not true right now, if you graduate in the next 2 - 3 years, you'll be able to find one, and this is providing you're not one of those idiots who think studying for a degree is adequate to earn you a position, you need to be proactive and seek a lot of experience in the related field, and...
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    Can I get a job in IT?

    You need to narrow it down, what sort of IT job are you looking for, are you looking to go into development, or are you looking to go into analysis. If you have a gift in IT and you can pick it up easily, then it should be still ok. But please be aware, you would need work experience in...