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    Getting ahead in uni

    I occasionally log in to answer questions
  2. wrong_turn

    Bachelor of Economics or Bachelor of Information Systems

    I graduated in a tough job market right after the GFC and just before the Euro-crisis. There were not many jobs available. Having Excel skills and learning very quickly at work really helped me. However, for the matter of majors, I think Information Systems would help but stats from my...
  3. wrong_turn

    "what should I be doing to boost my career prospects?" AFTER FAILING FOR 2 YEARS

    Here is a tip - finish a degree and finish it well. Especially if you want to work for the government you should expect to get at least a D average and if you can get it, honours. By placing too much emphasis, you are perpetuating your situation. Once you finish, you will perhaps realise there...
  4. wrong_turn

    Getting ahead in uni

    Retrospectively, the best way you can prepare is, * Complete the pre-readings so that you can follow the lecture * Spend the time listening and noting down what the lecturer has said as these are usually the stuff that will be tested. * Afterwards, combine this with the pre-reading you already...
  5. wrong_turn

    SuperFund Talk

    I use to work as a Financial Planner. I personally am with CBA GroupSuper. When I selected a fund I personally considered - return on the investment option selected after taking away admin and investment fees - personal insurance. Income protection was something I got when I first started...
  6. wrong_turn

    how competitive will it be to get a job after graduating from uni

    If you don't get into a grad program don't be afraid to work from the bottom up. Be smart when you get the job or be strategic with your start where possible. Don't expect to jump into a role dealing with important work straight away. You need to get points on the scoreboard for people to take...
  7. wrong_turn

    Other commerce careers then accounting?

    I did economics - career so far, Financial planner Business analyst Analytics & reporting
  8. wrong_turn

    Do employers care about what uni you go to and your wam?

    Generally 70+ wams are to get your foot in for grad roles. Where you went to uni might help ypu fit into a team once you're there but imo has no bearing on your candidacy. At my workplace I'm looking for people who are focused, switched on and have a work hard play hard attitude. This will show...
  9. wrong_turn

    data science??

    Unless you have a phD in that area or a Masters in it, you are unlikely to go straight into data science. Data scientists are seen as unicorns in the workplace and generally have more than a bacehlors or have a bachelors with applicable experience. Do the postgrad qual if you still want it. Or...
  10. wrong_turn

    Bachelor of Economics or Bachelor of Information Systems

    I did a degree in Economics. I work in a big 4 bank. However your question is too broad. Info sys and economics are both very interesting areas which lead to very different skills. However, I've taken very little actual book learnt knowledge into my career. The problem solving and the ideas...
  11. wrong_turn

    Bachelor of economics or Bachelor of commrece (majoring in eco)

    sida1049, I think there are a few of things to consider. First consideration would be the uni that you choose to study economics. Different unis have different constructions of what an economics major might look like. For example, when I studied economics at unsw, we were expected to complete...
  12. wrong_turn

    What is the difference between Business Analyst and Management Consultant

    The difference mainly is the depth of work normally required for each role. Business Analysts are traditionally gatherers of information and usually help organise and facilitate the project including priority of tasks/work and booking of meetings. Management Consultants also complete roles of...
  13. wrong_turn

    What career opportunities can one expect with a commerce or economics degree?

    I finished almost 4 years ago. But I think checking out the online handbook of all the universities are a good start if you want to explore further on what opportunities are available to you. I personally graduated from an economics degree and have heaps of friends who graduated from commerce...
  14. wrong_turn

    Uni Course

    I somewhat agree with Drifting95. You really need to assess whether stockbroking is right for you as it may involve first a certain competency in maths but also a passion for maths depending on where you want to go. The other aspect not mentioned yet, is a strong communication skill set as...
  15. wrong_turn

    You took a leave of absence for 1 year for full time work is it looked badly or gud?

    Re: You took a leave of absence for 1 year for full time work is it looked badly or g I think you are over-thinking it. I don't think it matters whether you have taken a year off or not. I think it might even be more worthwhile when you are studying and also working at the same time. getting...