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    Truth about BIT Co-op

    Haha, thank you for those few lines of wisdom, you couldn't have said it better. Best of luck in your studies and career too mate!
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    Truth about BIT Co-op

    \\This is more so a rant so close this thread if you want :)) Unfortunately I didn't make it in this year due to my atar and that's fine and completely understandable. But what isn't understandable is that a lot of applicants only applied for this scholarship due to the funding and...
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    2018 HSC+ATAR results discussion Thread

    74.. Got 3 band 5s and calculators indicated 80s Scaling did not do me well Really disappointed as goal was 80+
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    Law reform? What is it?

    couldn't have said it better haha
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    Are Background Speaker courses really hard?

    Of course :) With consistent study and practice you'll find it pretty manageable. Apart from classmates, do you have any relatives/friends you can practice writing to? I'm going to assume your parents are of a Persian background?
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    Business Studies VS PDHPE

    Thanks for your responses, it seems that I may keep business studies :)
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    Business Studies VS PDHPE

    I have the ability to drop one 2 unit subject and I'm not sure whether to drop Business or PDHPE. I am sort of interested in Business Studies but PDHPE seems much easier in terms of content. Is anyone able to give any insight into these subjects? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks