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    Finance in Ext 1

    Is finance a topic in extension 1 maths that is tested? I'm in extension 2 maths and my teacher says that only advanced maths will learn finance so does this mean that I don't have to learn finance as i won't be tested?
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    Paper 1 Section 2 length??

    Approximately how many words should my creative be for an english paper 1 section 2?
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    relativity help

    For future questions regarding dilation, you can take the value with subscript 0 as when the object is not moving and subscript v as when it is
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    DC and AC generators

    Current flows from high potential energy to low potential energy. This basically means the direction it goes in is from positive to negative The point of a generator is to force a current to flow in a wire. You need to know Faraday's law of induction which states that "a conductor in a...
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    Slight Breakdown

    Get yourself a textbook and start reading
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    Confused on a question

    Don't forget units :)
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    Confused on a question

    lv=lo rt(1-v2/c2) lv/lo = rt (1-v2/c2) (lv/lo)^2=1-v2/c2 v2/c2=1-(lv/lo)^2 (rearrange) v2=c2 x (1-(lv/lo)^2) v=c x rt(1/-(lv/lo)^2) v=3x10^8 x rt(1-160^2/200^2) v=1.8 x 10^8