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    Is it too much to ask for a job/career in arts, social science etc etc that pays good, has very good job growth and highly satisfying?

    Job satisfaction is kind of a meme. Work can be fun, but jobs suck. You can enjoy your work, but having to commute and work at a certain time of the day (9-5) with some dorky boss breathing down your neck makes it not fun. Having to ask permission from HR to take annual leave to go on holidays...
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    MQ Chatter Thread

    It got revealed to us really late that it would be June 29th. But then later they said that will be just the teaching timetable. We still can't enrol in classes because they are figuring out which ones are online and which will have some component of face-to-face.
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    Rise of Khmer Rouge
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    CA Program - Ask questions, get answers! (new and improved) Have a read through these. It will give you a good indicator of what you can earn as an accountant depending on level of education,experience and the path you took etc. He is likely between 120-200k (maybe even higher).
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    CA Program - Ask questions, get answers! (new and improved)

    I'm starting my CA next year. Is your career about where you expected/wanted it to be after 8 years with your CA?
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    MQ Chatter Thread

    Does anyone know when registering in classes for sem 2 is open?
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    Why is MAQ given so much shit

    About 10-15% of the big 4 im at atm is MQ/UTS
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    Internships at the big banks

    That would be absolutely hilarious! Please do that OP
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    Finance Past Papers
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    Will doing both standard english and standard maths impact my atar??

    Copping a cheeky 98 in genny maths without having to study at all actually saved my atar, tho i still recommend you do advanced just so you have a good maths base.
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    MQ Chatter Thread

    afin328 afin329 accg308 accg301
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    MQ Chatter Thread

    Paul Crosby is a mad dog I had him for econ131, i dont think you need to address him as doctor hes not that uptight
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    MQ Chatter Thread

    Oh right. Ok yea then I guess you can put it off. About your last point. One of the best things about macquarie is that you can enrol in classes super early, like months in advance. However, that often does mean that all the good classes get taken up early (even on the first enrollment day...
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    MQ Chatter Thread

    ECON111 was one of my favourite units tbh. If you don't have to do econ111 you will just have to do some other mindless elective or business unit. Do you despise economics this much that you would miss out on a whole semester of study? That will make you graduate a semester later and potentially...
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    Why does BOS censor competitor website names

    Because they can and what u gonna do about it?