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    Where can I find Cambridge worked solutions?

    Hi, does anyone know where I can find Cambridge worked solutions for maths extension 1 (both yr11 and 12)? Thanks!
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    Do you want to go to a US or UK University?

    Hey guys, my name is Adrian and I work for a company called Crimson Education as an Associate Academic Advisor. My role is essentially to assess the candidacy of students who want to apply to US and/or UK Universities. If anyone has any questions, add on to this thread and I can do my best to...
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    Maths Advanced Cambridge book

    Hey guys! My school has been working through the Cambridge textbook for advanced math which has a lot of difficult 'Challenge Questions' towards the end of the exercise. I was just wondering if those are worthwhile to attempt for HSC practice (like are they test style questions) or are they just...