1. A

    English (ADV/STD) | Business Studies | SDD Tutoring - 95.50 ATAR

    Hi! My name is Anthony and I am a 2019 HSC Graduate. SMARTR Tutoring is my own tutoring business, where I offer PRIVATE and PERSONALISED tutoring services. In tutoring multiple HSC students throughout 2019 through till now, I have the experience, specialised knowledge and skills to help you to...
  2. B


    Hey guys, I’m super stressed about the Legal Studies HSC exam!! I have no idea where to start and I don’t know my content! Anyone who can give me any advice how to study would be great help! Thank you!
  3. W

    How do I catch up in maths?

    Hi, So I'm in year 12 (well in a week) but I'm so stressed about my math skills. 2020 has personally been a very tough year and probably the most difficult times I've encountered. As a result, I was very mentally and emotionally strained and found no motivation to study. Now, I'm trying to get...
  4. S


    HEY, I've got the catholic papers for my trials. English Paper 1 on Monday, Paper 2 on Tuesday. I have done the absolute bare minimum study and don't know where to start. My texts are the merchant of Venice(CM), Mrs Dalloway/the hours(MA), T.s Eliot poetry(MB), and then Nam le love and...
  5. Bumblebee_18

    Subject Selection Help plz

    SO, I'm so so stressed for the subject selection, I'm stuck on 11 units and I can't decide on any more subjects because I'm kinda scared of what the workload and will be like. Our school interview was NOT helpful, the person in front of me kept talking and my appointment was delayed and...
  6. A

    Science Extension survey!!

    Hi guys! If you want some childhood flashbacks with some de-stressing questions (for ptsd), please follow ur heart and complete this lil survey I made for my sci ext. It's rlly weird and fun AND only takes 3 - 5 mins and I really appreciate ur service~ 🙂❤ This is a quick 3-minute survey (8...
  7. shxko


    Honestly, guys, how do you motivate yourselves? I know this is supposed the be 'the year' that we actually feel motivated for once - our be all and end all, the year we strut out having achieved our greatest because we finally (or for some, always) worked our hardest... but at this rate that...
  8. J

    Please help me with English and Maths

    Heyyyy Can someone please pm me to help with my english essay draft like reading and critiquing, its adv english Also could anybody please send resources for questions on Ext 1/ext 2 maths, chemistry, or biology? I've looked through pretty much all the major past paper sites (so i've seen most...