1. sophieecam

    German Continuers: Will I find the course easy or hard?

    I am a year 10 student who is going into year 11 next year and I recently found out that I was accepted into the German Continuers Course, and I was wondering how much content there is and if I will find the course easy because my mums German and she taught me German from a young age. I can...
  2. sami90210

    French or Spanish beginners? help

    Should I do french or Spanish beginners with NSL? I have some knowledge of both but can comprehend french much better. However, I know that Spanish will help me a lot more in the future as it is more useful, and I can learn Italian if I know Spanish. Please advice me ASAP as I need to submit...
  3. O

    Do I Pursue Vietnamese In Year 11? Help

    Here's my context: Next year I'm studying: Exten math, physic, chem, adv eng, sor 1 (catholic school), and legal. But I intend on dropping legal and replacing it with Vietnamese Saturday School. I've already overcome all the problems surrounding the Viet occupying my Saturdays for year 11 and...