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mathematics extension

  1. A

    I dont understand the working out in the first line

    Like I understand both curves intersect at x as they are the inverse and its way too hard to find the inverse but using x instead of the inverse wont give u the correct shaded area
  2. SB257426

    Maths Extension 2 2023 Predictions?

    What do we think guys, easier or more difficult than last years?
  3. SB257426

    How am I supposed to parts b) and c)

    I got part a) but i don't know if im being dumb or something i cant get b or c.
  4. SB257426

    Combinatorics Questions

    I just started learning this topic so please don't laugh at me if you find this question easy but I can't do any of these ..... Can you guys please help me out with this entire question??
  5. SB257426

    Combinatorics Question

    I stumbled upon this question from the MANSW textbook. It is part g) and h) that are troubling me What does three of a kind mean? And how do I do those parts?
  6. SB257426

    How to find the shortest distance between two lines ?

    The question basically is: Find the shortest distance between lines r = i+2j+3k + lambda (2i+j+4k) and r = 2i+4j+5k + mu (3i+4j+5k). I don't get these sort of questions and I really need help. Can someone give me a solution that doesn't involve the use of matrices please.
  7. SB257426

    Can anyone please provide some feedback on my proof

    The question was asking: Prove the following statement using either direct or contrapositive proof: If n is an integer then 4 does not divide n^2-3 Here is my working out: let n^2 - 3 = 4m By way of contradiction assume n^2 - 3 is rational, ie; n^2 - 3 = a/b (BTW in the funky looking...
  8. SB257426

    Integration Question

    I came across an integral that my teacher gave me to do. I have an answer but am unsure if my answer is correct. Other softwares (wolfram alpha and symbolab) are giving me different answers, but I suspect they are algebraically equivalent since they probably have different constants of...
  9. SB257426

    The Cover Up Rule Proof

    I am up to the last question in the exercise and I am a bit stuck on this question: Can anyone please help me out on this ?
  10. SB257426

    Proof Question

    I am really confused for the following proof question and am unsure where to start (I don't really get the hint) I would really appreciate it if anyone helped me out with this question
  11. SB257426

    Proof Question

    I am just wondering if anyone can have a look at my solution to the following proof question: Question: "Prove by contradiction that there exists no 'n' that is an element of the natural numbers, such that n^2 + 2 is divsible by 4" My Solution: By way of contradiction assume their exists...
  12. SB257426

    Integration Question

    I am pretty confused with my solution to this integration proof question. I feel like it isn't the right way to prove it. d/dx (uv) = u(dv/dx)+v(du/dx) take the integral with respect to x of both sides: uv = ∫ u(dv/dx ) dx + ∫ v(du/dx) dx therefore, ∫ u(dv/dx ) dx = uv - ∫ v(du/dx)...
  13. D

    Need help on a math exam question

    I would be grateful for any ideas on this question :) , I know the use of the difference between cubes is used but how do you proceed from there?
  14. P

    HSC Maths Tutor - Adv, Ext 1 & 2 - HSC 3/4U Marker - Over 30 Years Teaching Experience

    Hey all, Hope everyone has been well. I am advertising for my father who has availability for more students to tutor. A little about himself: - Numerous past/current students have been from a variety of selective schools such as James Ruse, North Sydney Boys and Girls, Baulkham Hills...etc. -...
  15. Pablo_35

    Should I Drop It?

    Hello members of BOS ! Currently doing Mathematics Extension 1, knowing that it will never make it into my 10 best units, should i drop it? Some factors i am considering right now: I wish to get into an engineering course when i graduate, and in most universities it is recommended that i do...