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medicine entry

  1. A

    Getting into medicine without UCAT

    Hi there, Currently I am doing my HSC and missed the opportunity to complete my UMAT this year. I do not wish to take a gap year and would rather go straight to uni but I’m hoping to go into medicine. As most unis require the UMAT this is making it very difficult. I am planning on just starting...
  2. 5

    Transfer to UNSW / WSU Med from another course in another uni

    Hi all, Is it possible to transfer to UNSW / WSU Medicine if I do another course (completely unrelated to med) from another uni? For me, that 'another uni' is USyd. There's no clear cut answer to this question on the UNSW Med website and most other threads I can find are many years outdated...
  3. K

    Subjects for Medicine

    So at the moment my yr 11 subjects are: - Standard English - Standard Math - Chemistry - Biology - SOR - PDHPE I was in maths advanced in Term 1 but was moved down with a bunch of other students, as we'd 'perform better in standard'. My goal is to get into Medicine but now I'm not so sure with...
  4. C

    James Cook University Medicine Application

    I want to study medicine at James cook university and recently became aware that there is an application that you have to hand in in order to get in. One of the questions ask "What activities (paid employment, work experience or voluntary work) have you undertaken, in addition to your studies...
  5. A

    ISAT- medicine entry international students

    has anyone done the ISAT or is currently doing it? Have no idea how to prepare for it beside the only paper they give online :( I know it's a test that isn't designed to be prepared for but I can't just go into the exam and prepare nothing lol