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    Does uni matter?

    Does the uni you go to matter for nursing? So I got offers WSU, UTS, Usyd, UOW I would love to go to UTS but unfortunately the fees is a bit to much since I’m an international student. I get a scholarship from Western Sydney and usyd but I’ve decided to take the western Sydney offer since it’s...
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    Usyd vs WSU vs UTS vs ACU nursing

    I was thinking of going to ACU for nursing since I heard their nursing course is pretty good and they are opening up a Blacktown campus nxt yr so I don’t have to travel much. However, some people have told me to do nursing at Usyd due its prestige. What uni should be my first preference? I’m...
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    I don’t know what course to do :(

    I really want to do medicine but unfortunately my UCAT marks weren’t high enough. So now I want to post grad med and I’m having problem choosing an under grad course to do. After asking for advice, some people suggested I do medical or biomedical science as it is a good foundation for medicine...
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    Best Uni for Nursing

    Hi guys, I Will like to know about unis in Sydney which is going to be best to study nursing at. Is ACU a good uni? Btw I’m just doing nursing as a undergraduate degree before post graduate medicine.
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    Nursing to Medicine

    Would it be a good idea to do a bachelor of nursing first and then post graduate Medicine or should I stick to doing biomedical science for an undergraduate degree.