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past papers

  1. T

    SAC Year 12 Practice Qs?

    Hey Guys! I've done most of the HSC past papers and the only 2 trial papers my teacher provided us with for SAC. I was wondering if anyone had trial past papers from their school or know where to get more questions? I've also attempted to reform a few of the syllabus dot points into...
  2. kkk579

    Past Paper Exams For Year 9 Content

    Hi, I currently need resources and past papers (from preferably top selective schools) with year 9 content. If anyone has links or papers can you send them please. Thank you very much😄
  3. J

    Past Papers? - Maths Advanced 2021

    Does anyone have any past half-yearly and yearly papers of preliminary maths advanced?
  4. claudiflower

    Creating A Question Bank System - Join Me!

    Hello! I am hoping to start a group system to create the largest HSC/Trials question bank for every subject available. Depending on how many people I can get involved of course! My idea would work like this; 1. Everyone sifts through 1 HSC exam and 1 Trial paper (of one subject) 2. Sorts...
  5. claudiflower

    Past HSC/Trial Questions by Syllabus Dot Points?

    Is there any website, book, google doc, any list that I could possibly use to answer HSC questions THROUGH my learning of the content? I understand I could just go through all the papers each week to try and find related questions but it seems much more beneficial to have them in this format...
  6. D

    Past Papers (Maths Year 9)

    Does anyone have Year 9 maths past papers? I have an upcoming test on these topics Quadratics Trigonometry Inequalities and Equations Surface area and volume Thanks for the help :)
  7. L

    Past Trial Papers

    Hey guys, So I was wondering if anybody knows where I could get past trial papers from?? Preferably the 'more difficult' known ones (CSSA, Ruse, etc.) Help is much appreciated :)
  8. K

    Year 10 Science Past Papers

    Hi, I need some year 10 Science papers for Genetics and Evolution, Chemistry (chemical reactions), ICAS/REACH and possibly physics (motion) to use for home learning. Thanks a lot!
  9. P

    Any copyright issues for uploading past Year 11 Prelim Maths Advaced + Extension 1 Papers for new syllabus?

    Hi all, As I've completed Maths Advanced/Extension 1 in Year 11 2019 with the brand new syllabus introduced for 2020 HSC students, I would like to upload some past papers that may be of use for current Year 11 2020 students who require past exam resources for the new syllabus. However, I am...
  10. Ollie01

    Past HSC questions sorted by topic for NEW SYLLABUS (2019+)

    Hey, Just wondering if anyone has collated past paper questions sorted by topics according to this year's new syllabus, or if there are any online resources that have already done this. Kinda gone through a lottt of the sample questions released by NESA. Thanks!
  11. A

    Past exam papers - ANU

    Hi, could anyone please login into ANU's system and upload past papers of the following areas, here. Maths : Differential Equations Vector Calculus Discrete Mathematics (Logic and Proof) Physics - Classical Mechanics Thank you very much!