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  1. C

    pip questionnaire! https://forms.gle/uHhb21LpgkBxgokq7

    Hello all! I'm currently conducting primary research for my society and culture major project (PIP) and it would be amazing if you could please fill out my questionnaire! I'm in need of responses and it would help a lot if I was able to receive responses. Happy to do other people's...
  2. dawny._.

    pls fill out questionnaire tyyy

    Hiii I don't do this subject but if you have a couple of minutes to spare, this is my friend's survey for it (it's on LGBTQ+). All responses would be greatly appreciated :) forms.gle/edtNXCxh25tTAEjr9
  3. sophieecam

    Society and Culture PIP Survey

    Hi, Im a year 12 society & culture student. I would really appreciate it if anyone would spare a few minutes to complete my questionnaire. This questionnaire is open to anyone! Any help is very appreciated. The link is in the word doc below because it doesn't let me post links on the thread for...
  4. P

    PIP Questionnaire

    Hi! Please answer my questionnaire. This questionnaire concerns your view on the severity of discrimination against intellectually disabled (e.g. autism, ADHD, dyslexia) students within the mainstream education system. https:// forms.gle/iGFR4khhZN7tjkxE6 Thank you!
  5. 0

    PIP quick SURVEY

    Hey yall, could you please do my questionnaire for my society and culture mini PIP. It's about cultural identity for immigrants in Australia. It takes around 2 minutes to complete. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.:sun: The link is in my profile posts because boredofstudies doesn't...
  6. M


    HIII, for my PIP i'm doing the impact of anime on identity. Please fill out the survey below, it should only take 10mins tops. Thank you so much for taking out your time to fill out the survey and I appreciate your help. :) if you would like the link to the survey pls leave your email down below :)
  7. Minari243

    Answer my Mini PIP questionnaire please :))

    https://forms.gle/yd3fJ8F468Z59fK66 I'd really appreciate it if you filled out my questionnaire for my mini PIP :)) Thanks in advance
  8. J

    Societal Expectations of Body Modification in the Workplace

    Hi! For my Personal Interest project in Society and Culture, I need responses to my questionnaire. The topic I have chosen is Societal Expectations of Body Modification in the Workplace. I would really appreciate if you could take 2 minutes out of your time to complete this as best as you can...
  9. C

    Help me do my PIP questionnaires. TYSM!

    Hello everyone! I'm doing an across generation studies ( Gen X vs Gen Z) research on advertising. Could you lovely people help me fill out these questionnaires and share it with everyone!? Since I need 60 responses. That would be greatly appreciated, Thank you so much! :))