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  1. D


    Hi everyone, My name is Djordje, I graduated in 2023 with a 96 ATAR and am currently selling my HSC Biology notes for a negotiable price of $30. Please message me on the website if anyone is interested in purchasing or making an offer.
  2. K

    Math resources

    Hello. I made a website if anyone is interested in using that sorts HSC maths by topic from all different school trial papers, however, there are only questions for 4U Proofs Vectors, 3U Trig, 3U proofs, and 3U vectors. Please upload any questions that you have! It is available at...
  3. A

    Resources, typically drives

    Hey guys, I am in dire need of resources for the hsc, particularly math 4u, chem, phys, bio, eng adv. If I could get some that would be amazing!! am willing to pay and I already have the survival kit. Thanks :)
  4. O

    20/20 exemplar HSC English Advanced essays

    Hi everyone, I received a RAW integer mark of 20/20 on my 2023 HSC English Advanced exam essays for Common Module and Module A - to help out future HSC students, I spent a total of 91 dollars to get these responses back, because I found that reading exemplars was essential to doing well in the...
  5. E


    Hello everyone! I graduated from a top NSW selective school back in 2023, and I'm currently selling the essays that I used in the Trials and HSC to achieve results in both English Advanced and Extension 1. The essays/creatives/discursive that I'm offering below are the exact ones I used and...
  6. S

    click if u wanna state rank chem

    I understand the hate for people who sell their own notes or resources, but these resources are from a popular tutoring company (dm for name), and tbh I'm scared they can track it back to me lol, tried to make prices as reasonable as possible cause I was BROKE in yr 12 but the game is the game...
  7. trenboloneacetate

    Trial papers

    Can anyone send me 2023 economics trial papers if you have access to any thank you🙏. (yes IK aceHSC and THSC exist I need new ones)
  8. Hamburgler

    [SALE $6] Selling the EXACT English Advanced Essays that I wrote in the 2022 HSC - 94 External - 99.40 ATAR

    I'm selling the exact essays I wrote in the external HSC word for word - costing me $86 to get it back which are now in a word document (1.1k words each essay). My Credentials: - 99.40 ATAR, graduated from Sydney Boys High School - 5th in State for Music 1 - All Rounders / Top Achiever - Elite...
  9. 1

    Selling HSC CHEM + GEO RESOURCES - HSC Chem Mark (97), HSC Geo Mark (93)

    Finished accel Chem and Geo last year (2021) and have decided to put up my notes for sale. Spent a lot of time making these throughout the year which certainly helped a lot in both subjects. Chemistry Full HSC Modules 5-8 Course Notes (174 pages) ($25) including the following prac reports (43...
  10. H

    James Ruse graduate selling CHEAP school and tutoring resources (math, eng, chem, modern history, music; year 10-12)

    Math: Year 9-10 Ngo and Sons homework sets. Have it all for $10. I have notes too for free if you want Year 12 HSC Math private tutor notes and problem sets (3 folders of problems and hand written notes across a few books) buy all for $20 Year 12 HSC Ext 1 Math Dr. Du homework booklets, DONE IN...
  11. Lima_bosty

    HAST resources

    Hey guys, I’m a year 10 student who will be applying to a selective school for year 11 entry. I was just wondering if there are any useful HAST resources for me to use as preparation for the test and if so, where can I purchase them? thank uuu☺️
  12. R

    Looking for year 10 Exam resources

    I'm in WA but I would like some exam resources for my subjects. Im doing Math Advanced, Science Advanced, Preparation for Literature, HASS advanced and religion. If you have any past exams or tests or just useful resources from year 10 could you share them? Thanks
  13. C

    Past HSC/Trial Questions by Syllabus Dot Points?

    Is there any website, book, google doc, any list that I could possibly use to answer HSC questions THROUGH my learning of the content? I understand I could just go through all the papers each week to try and find related questions but it seems much more beneficial to have them in this format...