1. sweena

    Society and Culture PIP

    Hey all, just gone into Year 12 and having a hard time finding a PIP idea. I was wondering if any of you would have a broad subject that I can get a focus question from (I am not interested in doing anything related to COVID-19) :).
  2. Anh4life


    Does anyone have notes for Belief Systems and Ideologies: Islam? I have an assignment that consists of two past HSC questions and since Society and Culture was just introduced into my school, we have no resources whatsoever. My teacher is an Arabic and HSIE teacher, so she has no experience in...
  3. K

    Having trouble changing subject?!

    One of the subjects I’m wanting to drop is Society and Culture, and the other is Legal Studies. But I can only drop one, I only want to drop s&c because of the major pip at the end of this year + I’m not doing well. But also legal studies is hard, with all the legislations and laws that we have...