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  1. J

    An English State Ranker's Guide to 20/20 Paragraph Writing | 99.95 Advice

    Hi there! I hope the trials period isn't treating you too poorly :) My name is Jess and I study double degree medicine at the University of Sydney. Here I just wanted to share a guide to 20/20 paragraph writing I wrote to help my class of 2021 students through this stressful time. It includes...
  2. B


    My name is Brooke and I graduated from James Ruse Agricultural High School in 2014 with a perfect ATAR of 99.95 and 9th in the state for Extension II Mathematics. My final HSC mark for 3U Maths was 100 and 4U was 99. Currently I am studying Doctor of Medicine degree at The University of Sydney...
  3. W

    Legal Studies State Rank Tutoring (99+ ATAR)

    LEGAL STUDIES Tutoring (IN-PERSON & ONLINE) Hi Everyone, I'm Will and I am currently in my second year of Law School at Sydney University. In 2019, I graduated with a 99+ ATAR, scored the highest band in all my subjects (English Adv, Maths Ext 2, Economics, Legal Studies) and placed 14th in NSW...
  4. Kyufruit

    State rank

    How does one get a state rank? Is it also based on scaling and what school you go to or does it have different rules? How can one get a state rank? Ive always been interested in the idea of getting a state rank but when I did a little more research I realised no one at my school has ever got...
  5. S

    Selling Notes - 1st in State History Extension and 2nd in State English Advanced

    I'm selling both my History Extension notes and my English Advanced notes - I came first in the State and second in the State in these courses respectively. The topics I studied and their prices are as follow: History Extension: The Historians: (Bede, Gibbon, Von Ranke, Windschuttle...
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    Hi! I’m Kim, I graduated James Ruse in 2019 and am studying a Bachelor of Advanced Science / Doctorate of Medicine at the University of Sydney. I am an experienced tutor, having private tutored for over a year, aswell as having lectured at the Earth Science Olympiad Summer School in 2020 and...