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subject dropping

  1. A

    Is extension 2 english, extension 1 english, and extension 1 maths too much?

    I have been struggling with this decision for a while now and could use some help. I currently take 3U maths and english, as well as chem, VA, and Legal, but I'm interested in taking up extension 2 english at the start of year 12. Problem is I enjoy all my subjects and don't want to drop any of...
  2. G

    what subject to drop? pls help!!

    hey im about to start year 12 soon, I'm unsure about which subject to drop. I currently have 13 units but will be doing my SOR 1 unit HSC this year. So going into my hsc exams next year, I'll have 12 units but I would like to drop 1 or 2 units for workload. My averages and ranks across each...
  3. w_starrthomas

    Should I drop to SOR I?

    Hey, My subjects currently are: - English Advanced - Maths Advanced - SOR II - Japanese Continuers - Legal Studies - Biology I'm about to pick up Japanese Extension and was wondering if it's a good idea to drop down to SOR II in fear of burning out and having too much of a workload. However...
  4. I

    Please help me choose which subject to drop🙏🏻

    So I've just started year 12 and I'm deciding which subject to drop from maths adv, eng adv, bio, chem, PDHPE, and design and technology. The initial plan when I started year 11 was to drop DT because the major project takes up A LOT of time and I feel like it will get in the way of studying for...
  5. L

    hsc subject selection

    need some help deciding what to drop/keep (or not) for context i go to a small private school so thats why the numbers are low. i only have around ~45 kids in my cohort current (prelim) subjects: eng adv / rank 1/23 both overall eng ext 1 / rank 1/5 both overall highly recommended to keep...
  6. 8

    what subject to drop??? pls help!

    Hi! I'm currently in year 11 and will be in year 12 next term. I study 3u maths, 3u english, 2u bio, 2u chem, 2u beginners italian and that is all currently 12 units My dilemma is that I don't know what to drop. I want to do something science-y in the future so I expected to drop ext eng, but...
  7. neqr1te

    Should I drop Maths Ext.1?

    So I got my marks back for the prelim yearlys and unfortunately I kinda flunked mx.1 (below 40% 😬).. I'm not sure what the average actually was but I do know that a lot of people I talked to got around the same or even lower than me. I can def say that I probably got a below average mark though...
  8. thatnormster

    What's easier? Biology or Economics?

    Yo! Here are the subjects that I've locked in for next year • Math Adv + Ext 1 • English Adv + Ext 2 • Geography And I'm tossing up between Biology and Economics. I hate studying Economics but I'm doing unbelievably well in it... I grasp the content well, it's just a chore to study for. I'm...
  9. P

    Subject changes

    I am currently going into year 12 and do: - Math advanced - Math extension - English advanced - Chemistry - Physics - Legal studies - Studies of religion 1 I want to drop legal studies because It will not help me with what I want to do and I would like to pick up math extension 2. Legal...
  10. C

    What subjects are you dropping going into year 12?

    Personally I’m dropping business, it’s just so boring 😖 Edit: sorry jimmy haha
  11. J

    I need advice on whether to drop physics or software design and development.

    You don't need to worry about your subjects being helpful in your future degree/course (unless it is a prerequisite) - but considering the information you've provided it seems that you are more interested in physics so perhaps you should consider dropping software in that case
  12. F

    help! I don't know what HSC subject to drop...

    Hi, I've started Year 12 content (technically still in year 11) and I can't decide whether I want to drop a subject and if so, which one. I am currently doing 12 units and THREE MAJOR WORKS (Drama, Society and Culture, Visual Arts) which is a lot but also I enjoy them more and much better at...
  13. C

    ENG EXT OR GEO....???? 🚑💨💀

    Hi guys if you're reading this PLS help me out!!!! I currently have 13 units for Y12 (4u math, 3u eng, mod his, chem, geo) And I'm thinking about dropping either 3u eng or Geography but I can't choose... both have their pros and cons Drop Eng Ext, Keep Geo Drop Geo, Keep Eng ext - Geo is a...
  14. L

    Please Help (I need advice on what subject to drop)!!!!

    Hello everyone! I need some advice on what subject to drop. I'm currently in my 2nd week of Term 1, Year 12. I am planning on dropping either Physics or Business Studies. Both my Physics and Business Studies teachers aren't very helpful (literally just read out the textbook) to the point where I...
  15. T

    Should I drop tutoring? I really need some advice!

    Hiya, I'm in year 11 and I'm kind of screwed. I'm doing extension 1 maths, advanced English, chemistry, biology, economics and modern history. So far, I'm not doing well. I'm atrocious with time management, and I procrastinate like there's no tomorrow when I'm stressed. I attend tutoring for...
  16. T

    Is it possible to score a high atar without extension subjects?

    Hi. I'm in year 11 and my current subjects are modern history, English advanced, chemistry, biology, economics and maths advanced + extension 1. I'm planning to drop biology next year, but I'm struggling a lot in math. I barely passed 50% for math advanced but I got over 70% for extension. My...
  17. T


    Ok so im in year 12 atm and i have 13 units which just feels like SO MUCH - my schools obsessed with having tons of units but i really wanna drop, my exams are in 3-5 weeks, so i cant drop a 2 UNIT COURSE till then, but i can drop extension courses, lemme list all my subjects and my marks + how...
  18. C


    I have no idea what subjects to drop/keep for year 12 (grad2021). My year 11 subjects (and grades) were: Drama (A) CAFS (A) English Adv (A) English Ext (B) Business (A) Legal (A) SOR1 (A) [note: this is compulsory at my school *sigh*] I did the worst in Ext so common instinct says to drop...
  19. Pablo_35

    Should I Drop It?

    Hello members of BOS ! Currently doing Mathematics Extension 1, knowing that it will never make it into my 10 best units, should i drop it? Some factors i am considering right now: I wish to get into an engineering course when i graduate, and in most universities it is recommended that i do...
  20. Helpme2244

    Dropped but I wanna pick it up

    So I dropped SDD like maybe 4 weeks ago and I really want to pick it up again now because I literally just failed my maths exam (58%..) and I'm on 10 units so I don't really know what to do. I dropped SDD because I have an IP for Drama and Depth studies for Chem and Bio that would literally take...