1. Minari243

    Need some uni degree advice

    So like many people out there I wanted to do medicine at basically any university possible and set medical science as my backup. Then I began hearing lots of bad things about medical science like how its extremely high supply from those who couldn't get into medicine and low demand leading to...
  2. M

    Group Assignment help

    So we have a group assignment that consist of a poster. One of the members agreed to do the poster and the rest of us do all the research. The poster he made was very subpar. Is there a nice way to tell the group that I don’t mind doing the poster cause I’m not really happy with the poster the...
  3. X

    USYD Maths Prerequisite????

    Hi, I'm currently in year 12 and I want to try to apply for studying commerce in USYD through SRS. The problem is that I don't exactly have the maths prerequisite as I did standard maths and not advanced. Is there an alternate pathway of getting into a course with a math prerequisite rather than...