1. isaezra

    what subjects to pick, and what courses to apply for, to become a doctor without wasting your money and time

    TL;DR If you want to go into medicine; 1. take chemistry, and advanced math or higher 2. sit the UCAT 3. apply for early entry into the "Bachelors of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery" (MBBS) at JCU and Curtin 4. if you don't get in, apply for regular UAC entry into any MBBS 5. if you don't get in...
  2. U

    UTS Bachelor of Accounting (Co-Operative) Scholarship 2020

    Hi! With cadetship and scholarship applications opening up, it's a great time to think about your options after high school. I'm pleased to announce that the UTS Bachelor of Accounting (Co-operative Scholarship) Program - or BAcc, for short - will be open for applications on Sunday 1st March...
  3. H

    Urgent help needed for uni preferences

    Hi, So preferences for uac need to be submitted by midnight tomorrow and I still have no clue what uni to go to/ what course to do!! Somehow I ended up with a 93.7 atar?!?!:eek: I didn’t expect this at all so now I have more options!! I am very very overwhelmed ahahah As I am unsure what...
  4. A

    How law school in Australia assess the admission of LL.M.?

    First off I’d like to apologize if I posted in a wrong place because this is my first time of usage, please. By the way, I am a foreign law student but I’d like to further study in Australia. I have been finding for the GPA and other scores that law school requires, but I don’t see the minimum...