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General Thoughts: Ancient History (1 Viewer)


I complete the Squar3
Sep 11, 2011
My bathtub
hahah omgsh, wrote about building programs as well but couldn't remember what the sites were called, so I basically just wrote 'A2 established a building program in Nubia, in coordination with the Viceroy of Kush, to maintain Egyptian superiority.' and just whacked some quote from alan gardiner about 'personal piety in the provinces' lol (i don't even remember if he was talking about t4 or a2).
marriage treaty was a gift! got a whole para out of that bad boy. but i couldn't remember shit about t4's nubian campaigns.when i was in the exam i basically forgot which parts of nubia wawat and kush were, my mind went so dead haha.
i know, the notes basically saved me. I don't know about you but our class was so behind and had to cover the last empire section at home in the holidays because we graduated before we could finish. thank god I bothered to write some for maintenence, skipped basically half the syllabus for nke.
sounds like you got some good stuff down though. A lot of people in my class at school had no idea what the hell to write, and some interpreted as a q about t3 and his empire. every history teacher i've spoken to said nke was especially hard, so hopefully that all sorts itself out when they fiddle about with the marks.
At least you can make yours sound legit. Mine was like "A2 conducted further Campaigns in both Nubia and Syria-Palestine, to further consolidate his reign, evidenced by inscriptions of his mortuary temples in Nubia" LOL WUT

I hope my mark of 5/25 is aligned to 19. Although highly unrealistic lol.

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