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Biology in Focus solutions' location acquired:
Cengage Learning, 10 Julius Ave, North Ryde NSW 2113
I currently am looking into engineering degrees and am considering civil, mechanical or software engineering

Only problem is I dont do 3U or physics.
I know that I'm gonna have to put in a lot of work after hsc to catch up. But I still wanted some advice on this as my mind is pretty set on this pathway. Would bridging courses help or would buying textbooks and learning it myself be enough?
Bridging courses are definitely better than studying on your own and will most likely yield better results. :)
How long does the syllabus last for math and science subjects? Will the modules change? If the textbook is too old will it still be efficient for learning?
The old maths syllabus lasted quite a while from what I know. I'm not entirely sure about science though. For maths, if the textbook is too old, you are still able to use it, although you should not prioritise an old syllabus textbook but only somewhat use it to consolidate your knowledge. Prioritise your new syllabus resources.
Ok. Thx
i need help for my multimodal
hey im in year 11, and we have to do a multimodal for adv english.
- the focus question is "Iconic narratives rely on strong characters and engaging settings to convey the concerns of their respective composers and their unique contexts"
- we have to connect it with Brave New World and Blade Runner
please help me, its due in a week
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You know what? I might consider Physio now next year

E12 and such make it easier
(I’m velo)