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  • do you mind telling me some of the methodologies you conducted? and when you finished the first draft?
    Hey, you got over 90 ATAR. Congrats!

    English- Ms Revel (a rather haughty teacher who doesn't like me and views me with scorn)
    Maths- Mr Nguyen (another teacher who views me with scorn)
    Chemistry- Ms Ng
    Modern History- Mr Georgiou

    I don't know about that. I have listened to some of what Mr Georgiou has said about World War One and he has mentioned some generalisations which are just very wrong (he has not mentioned the Nivelle Offensive of 1917 being one of the spark for the mass French mutinies during the war and thinks that they just mutinied like that which is completely erroneous). I can't blame him though since he is the head teacher of history and also a teacher of legal studies which is freaking tough as he is also taking Year 11 MH this year!

    Who did you have?
    It's great. I love the people here, everyone gets along and there are no fights at school. It's a bit competitive though for me in some classes (especially in maths since everyone does tutoring besides me and the non-Asians) but besides that the school is awesome. There is a lack of extra-curricular activities at the school though but I'm trying to rectify that.

    So did you go? I heard that around 35 people got above a 90 ATAR which is damn right impressive for a non-selective high school. What are you planning to study at University?

    Hey Oh Nivlek, what do you guys wear for senior uniform? The office lady has told me that seniors wear a light blue shirt but Mr Mahony has told me that you guys wear a white shirt. So yeah, I'm pretty confused.

    Thanks and peace.
    Sent you a private message, mate. Also, are there any Caucasians at your school! I didn't see one non-Asian there when I went on Thursday.:)
    OhNivlek? So do you think it would be worth it? Is French taught there for Year 12? I just called the school today and they said it would be a maybe if I could go to CVHS for Year 12. I need to take an interview with Mr Mahony, your principal, first though. Is he a nice guy?

    Thanks and I wish you the best of luck on Wednesday and for the days coming.
    Hey! We just graduated today and preparing for formal now! Canley Vale is a very awesome school. Do you even live around the area? What grade will you be in next year?

    No, I don't, but I can get there by train.

    I would be in Year 12. My jersey and formal is going to suck if I go CVHS.
    Hey OhNivlek.

    Sorry to bother you close to your HSC, brother, but do you think it is wise for me to change schools and go to Canley Vale High School? I don't really feel motivated anymore at my school and I need a place where I can feel accepted somehow.

    Thanks and good luck with the HSC. Study hard!
    LOL. I was far far far away from Moon fest. :haha:
    cbf to go, I didn't sign up to volunteer nor am I in that choir. >.<"
    Hello OhNivlek...I need help with this legal studies yearlies. I dont know any legislations/case studies and it wont sink in...HELP
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