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Recent content by _Anonymous

  1. _Anonymous

    WAM Boosters?

    Thanks for the info. In terms of picking electives, would picking an "easy subject" over something that may be more difficult hinder my overall knowledge within the Engineering field? Let's say for example I pick a subject as a WAM booster that is irrelevant to engineering instead of something...
  2. _Anonymous

    WAM Boosters?

    I've been hearing about people choosing WAM booster subjects but how does that work? Say for example, my degree is in Engineering; how would I pick WAM boosters if there are certain subjects I must complete? Do first years even have the option to pick WAM boosters? Do people pick these later on...
  3. _Anonymous

    Tutorials before Lectures?

    Timetables got released yesterday and there's a trend in my timetable where my tutorials are conducted before my lectures. Is this normal? I thought tutorials are where you ask questions based from your lectures, so would it still work out if my tutorials are before lectures? Advice would be...
  4. _Anonymous

    ATAR Estimate! From Year 11 marks

    Don't bother with estimates from your Y11 marks. Things change in Y12.
  5. _Anonymous

    am i too dumb for chemistry?

    I really enjoyed Economics (particularly Y12 Economics). If you follow current affairs on the Australian and global economy, you’ll enjoy Eco. It’s very content heavy and some topics you’ll dislike more than others but the best way to study for Eco is to keep up to date facts (RBA’s cash rate...
  6. _Anonymous

    How to study and improve for chemistry and Math Extension 1 for the Holidays?

    For Chemistry I'd recommend going over your basics from Y7-10 and if time permits, try and start Module 1 from Year 11 to get a head start. Studying for Mod 1 (based off memory) is mainly just memorisation/understanding of content. For Mod 2, you'll start working with mole calculations. You...
  7. _Anonymous

    am i too dumb for chemistry?

    I'd say keep Chemistry. I severely disliked Chemistry back in Year 10 as I found it difficult at the time. However, I found it very enjoyable and quite rewarding during Y11/12 and by the end of my HSC, it was my second best subject. You'll have plenty of time to build up your knowledge over the...
  8. _Anonymous

    Chemistry New Syllabus Advice / Sample Answers by an Experienced HSC Tutor

    For complexation reactions, do we memorise all the complex compounds that form? I'm unsure of which ones to remember.
  9. _Anonymous

    Chemistry New Syllabus Advice / Sample Answers by an Experienced HSC Tutor

    Hi Jazz, had a few more questions. 1) Which precipitation titration methods should we definitely know (would Fajan's method be one we need to know)? 2) For the last dot point of Mod 8, could they expect us to remember a specific process and write a whole 8 marker response to it? That is, if...
  10. _Anonymous

    Chemistry New Syllabus Advice / Sample Answers by an Experienced HSC Tutor

    You mentioned integration in your answers for HNMR. Is there a way to calculate the integration in the exam if they're not provided? My teacher said it's very unlikely they'd ask us about integration, hence why we never were taught of it. But i've seen a few past papers include the term and...
  11. _Anonymous

    ATAR Estimate Please

    Do you guys base your estimates off the person's ranks or raw marks?
  12. _Anonymous

    Math 3U and 4U

    4 Units. 2 units from 3U and the other 2 from 4U.
  13. _Anonymous

    Equilibrium Constant & Temperature

    Why does the equilibrium constant get affected only by changes in temperature? Why not with changes in pressure or concentration? Let's consider a general reaction: A + B <--> C + D where Δ < 0 The eq. constant expression would be [C][D]/[A]. If we were to increase the temperature, equilibrium...
  14. _Anonymous


    Oh I see, that clears up the confusion. Thanks so much!