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    Ready to tutor year 7-12 maths upto and including 3unit (1on1 private tutoring)

    I goto USYD (studying engineering/science) I am keen on tutoring for maths from years 7-12 including 3unit. Gotten 98 Atar, bands e4 in both 4unit and 3unit maths Have gotten high distinctions and distinctions in advanced level maths in first year uni at usyd. Message me for details on...
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    FREE Online Chemistry Exams

    +1 amir
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    Atar Estimate Please?

    amir is very inaccurate- let me rephrase ~ 73
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    UNSW hopes?

    I say your chances are extremely high, like really really high
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    Do i need to go tutoring for extension 2 english?

    please tell me your joking
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    Chess thread

    Re: Chess thread? vs me on pm me if u want to
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    Atar estimate please

    trollface.jpg yes
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    Atar estimate please

    although, he is very 'appealing' to others, i wont leave him alone
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    Atar estimate please

    no, i love my 'extremely hard working' donkey, i can never leave him alone.... so i will have to take care of him so he prospers in his later life
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    Atar estimate please

    Yeah, I already have, his name is minuth fernnado and he is a very very hard working donkey
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    Atar estimate please

    I would like an atar estimate school rank-86 english advanced-50/74 maths extension 1-1/63 maths extension 2-7/31 physics-4/26 chemistry-7/39 engineering studies-7/18
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    ATAR estimate please :)

    best way to improve is to skype study :P