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  • Yeah, I got 64 in 1001 with like 50% attendance and like 2 hours of study all sem.
    You should be fine.

    1001 - mechanics, waves and oscillation, and thermodynamics, iirc (so like, 4U, 3U, and sem 1 Chem)
    1003 - no idea, but probs more like electrical stuff, so expect complex numbers and shit
    Obviously there will be money, but if you want the job for experience, not just money, so you can put it on your resume with actual skills then keep looking for another job.
    That's good.
    Is this just for money or for experience?
    Because if it's for experience still look for another job :p
    Not much haha
    I started working at like 15 so I'm pretty sure they based most of the decision off the interview as probs no one had experience.

    But like, now I just have stuff on there like any sort of volunteer work I've done, any extra-curricular involvement I've had, my level of study atm + past study, and stuff like that.
    Just google how to write up a CV.
    You can always make stuff up like you helped at your dad's work as a receptionist or something. Haha
    Yeah, probs months and months and months

    But I also think maybe I'll wait for PS4 (as long as it's backwards compatible with PS3)
    If I'm bothered I'll buy one

    I was going to buy one for Skyrim after HSC but ended up drunk all holidays so there was no point.
    Plus it's better on comp appaz, haha
    i've been told
    i think i might get it in the holidays if i have time
    but if i can i'll probably do a research programme or something, so maybz not
    also, $$$
    Just take the unit #yolo
    if you have 141CP and try to enrol in a 6 CP thing HECS will cover it because like extra units and like you need it for your degree and stuff, so whatevs :p
    I know people who have done a lot more than the units they need for their degree lol
    Omg, my friend said PHYS1500 was the arts of astronomy.

    Maybe swap to Arts lol

    But for srs, take PHYS1001/3 next year (they're shit but you need them to do astro in later years)

    I'd read that comic before
    I'm not sure who showed me it though, but I liked it

    well, my friend is on a D average and she did linguistics in first sem. Arts subjects you enjoy are good for boosting WAM and your scope of knowledge, at UNSW you have to take 12CP of units in another faculty in whatever degree you're in because it helps "broaden knowledge" or some shit, and employer like to see you have other interests, so like, doing it voluntarily would be good, but only if you want to. There's not really a drawback though.
    And Arts isn't really arts-y if you're just taking one subject in like logical philosophy or japanese beginners or ancient history or something :p

    haha okay :p

    That's no good :/
    Did you not go to the exam or something? I thought you would do well in human bio, it doesn't seem super hard, but I guess if you don't like it it's a different story

    Yeah, if you're interested in two things then double major, but you don't have to, you can always just major in maths and then take random units to fill up the rest.
    Well, if you dropped physics why not pick up MATH1004 then you'll have:
    and the other unit you're doing
    which is like half a year of stuff, plus if you can drop stats if you don't like it and still have enough math units to start on intermediate next year.
    and you can do
    MATH2061 and another math unit in first sem and then start on 3rd year stuff in second sem and then you have at least your maths major mostly done


    Yeah... that's shit

    i dunno

    just don't stress, you have ages to figure out what you want to do with #lyf
    Yeah... SciSoc does a few things but nothing very niche and there's always a group that just like hangs out and then vote each other for exec and stuff (which is cool, i know them, a few them are good friends of mine) which doesn't lead it open to a whole bunch of people getting super involved in things.

    Well, you do know your mum can't like actually tell you which things to do or not, right?

    and taking a language always looks good on your transcript because you tried something different, you are a more diverse person with more talents, you can work with people from different nash and stuff, and if you want to go on exchange it looks good.

    Afaik, if you take 36CP of senior arts subs for one subject area you can get a second major for that

    but only if you already have a science major

    yeah, i was really looking forward to that stuff, so it should be interesting

    i've been doing a bit of math2961 when i'm bored and it seems pretty good ^_^
    Are you doing PHYS1005 (I think that's astro) this year? Apparently it's fun and easy and could give you a look into what astro is actually like.

    Civil at USyd is okay afaik, but chemical was just shit because a few of the people running it were complete fuck ups. The first year advisor, Marjorie (sp?), was really nice, but the second lecturer I had was SHIT, and the bitch that runs the whole thing was FUCKED. I was supposed to get a significant amount of marks added to my final because of fuck ups and she was like "I'm busy" for MONTHS FOR NO REASON, and appaz a whole bunch of peeps have trouble with her.
    But just don't do chemical in general :p

    Well, if that's what you're thinking about then do maths and phys, and if you don't like astro then don't do it, but know that first year phys is not indicative of other years ESP first sem phys :p


    you can always change to uts which is a tiny bit less time to travel, but you can change into like game design or computer stuff which you used to be semi-interested in, so maybe you checking out some other course might be good too

    Yeah, I knew that, like all our shit was purchased from UMelb and then they added a year on to try and ~ease us in~ lol
    and they use some old UMelbs Q's in tests so I can study from them, lol. ;P
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