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Recent content by ahri

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    Memorising Essays

    Thanks! I pretty much just wrote my essay as I would normally (so I would pick my ideas/themes) and find quotes for that best fit my argument. Then I would just practice adapting the points (which included switching several quotes from different paragraphs) to best fit new ideas. My ideas...
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    Memorising Essays

    Heya! I did HSC in 2019, and I would definitely say memorize quotes only but practice adapting them. There's no point in memorizing like explanations for the quotes if the question is highly specific (which it will be because of the new syllabus), so you're better off practicing adapting your...
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    97 ATAR Eng Adv (94) + Eng Ext 1 (47) + Modern History (94 )+ Biology (93) Notes and Essays

    Yep sure, send me a PM! : )) Absolutely, PMmed!!
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    Advice for ATAR >95

    Something helpful I found was looking at exemplar essays or model answers and comparing my own ones to them to see where I lost my marks. Practice everything under timed conditions, review notes thoroughly, practice ADAPTING essays, etc.
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    legal studies or chemistry?

    Doing chemistry is necessary for most Science degrees in uni (aka forensics) but legal is not a prerequisite and won't really give you much of an edge in a law degree. I would say Chemistry because the knowledge you learn is very applicable to all disciplines of Science and you would have to do...
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    Work out which method works for you (flashcards, handwriting, rereading, typing etc.) Obviously...

    Work out which method works for you (flashcards, handwriting, rereading, typing etc.) Obviously keep quotes short and adaptable, I personally liked copying them out by hand the night before the exam.
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    Memorise essays?

    Absolutely, the new syllabus can specifically give you a question about certain themes or ideas to ensure you don't prememorise essays. Best way to prepare is know your quotes well, be able to adapt your ideas and read through the syllabus to make sure you are prepared for whatever question they...
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    Attacking exams when you've run out of time?

    Depends what subject this is, but generally, I would skip from question to question to get the easiest marks. Assuming this is science, you can usually get a few marks by defining the term or providing some sort of example for the question. It's better to scab 1-2 marks from 3 remaining...
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    estimate and maths 2U results

    lmao mood this was literally me last year (suffered thru 2u math to get into usyd science). my internal marks were like a solid 60% lmfaooo but this is at a top 10 selective school so take that as you will. the raw mark in the hsc to get a band 4 is pretty much scraping a pass (around the 50s -...
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    Looks solid! Just remember law/arts is a high ATAR course so focus on what you believe you are good at to be able to maximise your ATAR and get into the course : ) As long as you enjoy your subjects and you are confident with your abilities, it looks like a very solid choice!
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    How to study for English?

    Have practice essays written!! Memorise your quotes + techniques and topic sentences Go through the syllabus and pull out key phrases (eg "paradoxes of the human experience) and write a different essay question based on that dot point Practice adapting your practice essay to every single one of...
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    Mod B standard english question

    Mod B questions can be specific to the text (eg discuss THEME and how the composer uses it to show MEANING). Your best bet is going through old trial questions.
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    linking sentences

    Restate your point of the paragraph and directly answer the question.
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    failed adv and ext math :(

    No worries! Trust me when I say that one assessment means literally nothing, especially since you are only in Y11! Don't let one poor assessment define your own ability and knowledge, you ARE good at maths and your previous results clearly show that! Moving schools is a massive change, so don't...