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Recent content by ahri

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    8-12 Selective, Email, Phone Call or Post?

    The interview for me was by phone call but depends on school.
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    English Extension 1 Thoughts?

    I was super thrown off by section 1 tbh, didn't expect both critical and creative. I also expected a creative extract for a critical, not two analytical pieces. I thought section 2 was ok but that was because my question was adaptable enough for my essay. But damn, definitely not what I expected.
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    HSC Standard/Advanced Paper 1 Exam Thoughts

    DUDE SAME HAHAH I had NO idea it was about STEVE BEING DEAD and I wrote about the exhilaration of the human experience in the moment of tension which is clearly not what the main interpretation was. But I think it should be ok as long as you follow it through and justify it, and it doesn't seem...
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    HSC Standard/Advanced Paper 1 Exam Thoughts

    Lol same, I didn't think Common Mod would be too hard because I didn't think we would be given a specific theme, especially one so IRRELEVANT to the text. Now I'm scared for Mod A and B where the rubric is a lot more vague and unpredictable.
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    Advanced english paper 2

    Memorise quotes, prepare adaptations to potential specific topics and a few creative/discursive ideas. Look at trial questions from other schools and have a strong thesis that you can adapt. Practice writing essay under timed conditions
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    band 6 cut-off for advanced english

    I reckon it will be lower than previous years but not by much. Possibly a mid 80s like 84-85?
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    HSC Standard/Advanced Paper 1 Exam Thoughts

    The booklets were really strange, our markers made us take our staples out before the exam started but I was just really caught off guard by that. Also thought we would have gotten just booklets for questions, not spaces in the question booklet.
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    HSC success stories after getting a bad internal rank!

    Yep, her internal mark was 94 but HSC external mark was 99!
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    HSC success stories after getting a bad internal rank!

    Not ATAR as a whole but my friend was ranked 10/13 for a subject and ended up getting a 99 external mark, bumping her overall mark for that subject to a 97 which is super impressive.
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    Should I drop Modern History and take Drama instead?

    Modern scales pretty well overall and very well for a humanities.
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    Selective school reserve list

    Usually top 20 have a decent change to get in.
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    Giriraween or Hurlstone high school for year 10 entry?

    Girraween but it is hard to get in. Great school though.
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    Chemistry/Physics Textbooks

    Pearson seems to be better than the nelson in focus series.
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    need tutoring for English

    Delta is ok, it's a bit far from you. Maybe check out CBK at Castle Hill or Dux College which is conveniently located in Parramatta.
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    PHYS OR CHEM !!! pls help :(

    If you aren't interested in IPT there isn't a point in studying it, especially if you don't have the motivation to study since you don't enjoy it. There's nothing that 'easily guarantees a band 6'. Both physics and chemistry are hard, and both require a good conceptual understanding to be able...