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    97.35 northern beaches tutoring

    Hello, I have just completed the HSC in 2012 with an ATAR of 97.35 and now I am looking to pass on my knowledge to a select group of people. I am a firm believer that persistance and hard work can get you anywhere you want to go in life and that is why I am offering tutoring in the following...
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    2012 student with 97.35 atar offering tutoring for 2013

    Hello, My name is Ally and I recently finished my HSC with an ATAR of 97% placing me in the top 3% of students in NSW. As a result, I have decided to offer a tutoring service for these subjects below. I am friendly, outgoing and a great listener. I aim to take off the stress of the HSC whilst...
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    As you wish. Farewell!

    As you wish. Farewell!
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    Copy of the paper?

    Seriously?! aw man!
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    I dig you.

    I dig you.
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    Copy of the paper?

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    General Thoughts: Society and Culture

    I thought multiple choice had a few ambiguous ones tacked in the mix....
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    Art EXPRESS nominations 2012

    Yeah it does! Aw man, I really hope we get in :S
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    Art EXPRESS nominations 2012

    If you go to the art express website and click on the "STUDENT NOMINATIONS" under student resources, it takes you to this page and apparently you log in and it tells you. It isn't...
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    Art EXPRESS nominations 2012

    Does anyone know if they got in yet? When do they send the invites out? :)
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    Phuket for schoolies?

    Are there any schoolies events there or....?
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    Rate the difficulty

    :) 1 being easy :)
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    Raw marks for band 6?

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    The HSC Haiku thread

    Here is a poem quite similar to the one I submitted for extension 2 english :smile:
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    A little.

    A little.