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    Results for semester 1/2010

    DEM256 - D (81) SOC298 - Cr (71) SSC100 - P (64) Gutted that I missed a Credit in SSC100 by one mark, but still pleased overall
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    Exam Timetable

    One exam. Cool. Mon 21 June - DEM256
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    Units 2010

    Class registration opened 15 minutes early! Got everything I wanted!! WOOOO
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    Units 2010

    "Your request has been APPROVED. You are now able to self-enrol in your new program using eStudent." (Y) First sem SSC 100 DEM 256 SOC 298 Second sem SOC 182 SOC 224 DEM 255
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    Units 2010

    "Your request has been APPROVED. You are not yet able to self-enrol on the web. This advice will change when your new program is ready for re-enrolment." Far out. This is really beginning to annoy me. It's been like this for about ten days.
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    ANTH150 Identity and Difference: Introduction to Anthropology 65 CR Credit SOC 180 Sociology of Everyday Life 73 CR Credit STAT170 Introductory Statistics 69 CR Credit Phew, I'm happy
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    It worked for me last semester But now I'm getting it with both... sigh just gotta be patient I guess
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    Results Prediction Thread

    Due to excessive load eStudent is currently unavailable.Please try eStudent again later lol
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    Results Prediction Thread

    stat170 - CR anth150 - P soc180 - P
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    Man to be 'crucified' for raping 5 children

    He'll never be the head of a major corporation.
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    MQ General chatter thread

    Re: MQ General chatter and timetables thread (+ Conception Day!) I think a tutor or someone was saying how the lectures will still be on, but the lecturer's won't be teaching anything. It will be like an hour of silence or something. Either way I was told they were canceled so I'm not rocking up.
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    Draft Final Exam Timetable

    Better than last semester when I had exams on four consecutive days. Not a fan of the early times but I'm happy. STAT170 - Friday 20 November 09:20 3 hrs SOC 180 - Tuesday 24 November 09:20...
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    Smoking on premises?

    Well I'm not too keen on having to hide behind the gym just to have a cigarette like in high school.
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    Kyle and Jackio radio stunt

    That mother is such a dumb bitch, after the daughter admitted she was raped, the mother is basically going "I meant have you had sex other than THAT TIME YOU WERE RAPED?" Like, fuck. That made me rage.
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    I'm doing EUL101 too and it hasn't showed up yet either, also STAT170 has never showed up, even though I've been enrolled since Sem 1, but I thought it might not have a blackboard... does it?