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    Taboo Creative Writing

    I was talking to my teacher and she told me that there a certain things that are considered taboo for creative writing i.e. rape. What would be some other things you can't talk about without being called up by your school counsellor?
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    Creative writing

    its varies cause of the source, but its for the belonging module
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    Creative writing

    Hi, so with creative writing, my scores have been pretty good (like 13 & 14), but there's this girl in my class who always gets 15, and her writing is like mostly description with a good plot, like it all works, but I wanted to know if you guys had any advice to increasing my use of description...
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    Band 6 Cut Off

    Isn't 85 the cut off to not be scaled down?
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    Related Text Help

    I was wondering if either Prisoner of Azkaban or the Philosopher's Stone would be good related texts to Bruce Dawe's poem "Exiles" and "For the Duration" ?
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    Extension English Help.

    I need some help with finding interpretations on Orpheus and Eurydice & Moulin Rouge. Any help ? Thank you :)
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    Sor 1 help :)

    I have this exam/assessment question, and I'm having a bit of trouble with it; “We believe in one God fully revealed in the creator, the incarnation of Jesus and in the outpouring of the Holy Spirit”. Explore Christianity’s understanding of the nature of God as revealed in the three persons of...
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    Ancient History Assignment (Ice Man)

    Account for the changing interpretations about the Iceman's cause of death, from the time of his discovery to the present. Refer to specific arguments and reasons for the differences in perspectives over time. Does this question refer to how different historians have conflicting theories as to...