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  • heyy!
    Who's the nerdiest of them all? :lol: not I :)
    yeah i remember talking to you in the school holidays :)

    School's been alright i guess, school counsellor aboided thus far :)
    exams...well, 5 down 2 to go :D :lol: have two more tomorrow eco,legal studies :D joy !!

    are you me??? what what?? what makes you ask this? (are you checkin me out?) :lol:

    I can't get on msn.....well not until tomorrow :)
    Haha we only have maths A, B and C. Maths A is the lowest. Maths B can be studied alone and Maths C must be studies along with B. Wow it sounds like your the Physics/Maths type person. Well I hope you can make it bud, you gotta be pretty special to be accelerated especially in Physics. Did you like the yr 10s of your year much? Because I think they were very immature apart from a few. Do you like any sports at all?
    Haha you seem like a really smart kid. I'm doing 3 year senior so that means though I am in year 10, I do some year 11 but I don't do catch up like you do. Next year I will do some year 12s and some extra year 11s(Physics and Maths C(4u?)) and in my final year I will only do 3 subjects. So I'm loving all the free period throughout. Are you planning to head to uni?
    Hello, seems like you are in a pretty similar thing with me cos' I'm accelerated too but I'm in QLD. I didn't really like the people in my year much so I mix with Year 11s and 12s. I do Chemistry, Biology, English and Maths B(I don't know the equivalent of that in NSW) and surprisingly I'm topping the classes for all except English. This is my first post ever on BOS so yea, not many QLD people here. Nice to meet you mate.
    it's the ultimate bludge class
    no kidding. nothing much we do is related to the actual syllabus?

    it's good though =) it's not like i'm doing it for my HSC so no worries at all..
    lol niceeeeeee, so you're pretty much accelerating within one year yes? like hsc and prelim in a year? thats soo awesome!!!!!!

    But hard work involved too, so make sure you study hard and do a stack of past papers etc... dont forget to use Cambridge, Fitzpatrick and Coroneos :D (I will be buying fitzy and coroneos in these holidays and trying to finish at least 5 topics so I can be ahead of the class and ace everything :D)
    hehe sounds interesting.. sounds like a fun plan for the holidays, I have no plans.. kinda sad really.. I guess I could just study lol... idk.. Maths, Physics and English are the subjects I need to work on the most, I was to get maximum marks out of them, along with chem & eco but they're easier.. I dont care about business studies, dropping it next year :D

    You're sooo lucky to be accelerated, My school wouldnt let me, because they couldnt be effed changing my time table around to maths year the year 11 classes.. etc... idk.. I hated my old school :jedi::jedi::jedi::jedi::jedi:, hope it burns in fire!! :burn:

    but overall, its pretty fun in the new school :D
    good afternoon to you too :)

    school is going good, could be better, I've had almost all my half yearlies, just MX1 left, it's on Tuesday, had 2unit today, it was easy, had about 20 minutes to spare :D

    over I think I've done well, other then physics which was extremly difficult and English because I'm not good with English.

    Looking forward to the holidays? any plans for the holidays?
    you sound like a pen pal hahaha..
    um everything's good except my unbelievable procrastination skills
    Assessments came and went and there's more coming up..
    I don't know if it's called pathways but I believe pathways is a program run by some schools that shows you all the different "pathways" into your career you can take. I am doing Mathematics and Extension 1 Mathematics this year... It is called acceleration. It's just a program where the students are put ahead of the other students until they catch up to the year ahead and will then be doing that year's work.

    Hard stuff.
    I noticed! :D Actually a lot of girls seem to say that because the pick a similar selection because of music maybe. But otherwise (taking music out), my subjects look like a geeky selection from James Ruse or something.
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