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  • hey area. is it like totally rural or not that country???
    yeah, heaps of pplz think they know me from somewhere else but they dont..i have that effect on people lolz jkz
    omg i do ext english and bio as well..english rocks
    anywayz what medium did u choose?
    really??? interesting..i dont think i know u..wait whats ur name? :)
    my name is amani. do u know anyone by that name?
    oh and belonging is cool. hope u do well in the in-class essay
    btw what are ur subjects for 2010?
    hahaha, why, do u think u know me from somewhere else??
    oh cool u play piano? id like to learn that one day
    in class essays are fun. hey its great that u can bring notes our school, theyre not always that nice ;)
    well other than the related texts, we have a class party in english today and my friends are coming over so we can play guitar hero :) so thats pretty cool.
    lolz nothing much actually. finishing off this related text stuff which is due tomorrow arrrghhh
    wbu? whens ur related text due? anyway yeah i guess ur right, soft colours are easier on the eyes :)
    whats happening with u these days?
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