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  • you just killed the pure and immaculate nature of my wall with that scum gif

    even more reason to hate
    asparagus pls

    so technically i didn't drink a proper "raspberry vodka" therefore i ain't a woman.



    mainly any fruit type drinks i've tried have all been nice, probably because they're just weak.
    lady aysce? wat where'd you get that from

    i suspect so it was pretty rushed since this was done prior to the party (18th didn't have any alcohol)

    Oh the irony
    I only tried that and canned raspberry vodka (lol) which was pretty nice but thats like equivalent to a cruiser haa

    im going to another 18th so i might try it again but i doubt it'd taste nice (maybe?). I reckon its worse than burben and coke, and thats pretty bad
    yeah rivalry is really the epitome of asian ^___^

    nah no trials, they're 10 weeks away and i have umat to make my life even worse smh.

    btw jd and coke tastes pretty yuck imo lawl
    studying mang, have 6 upcoming assessments in the next 2 weeks....

    hbu exams or anything?

    yeah i realise its nearly 1 am and i am living up to the asian stereotype lol.
    O I didn't assume u didnt know what it was lol, I misintepreted. idk or maybe it was some other person who had "asparagus" in their name..?
    LOL is that a real quote? HAHAHA brilliant! lolz Im not obssessed really with IQ, more fascinated by the scores of high achievers. But yea thanks for advice. btw u do appear to be somewhat of a loose cannon on BoS LOL I am really curious what ur like irl
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