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  • mine will be 16 pages when i finished. this is hand written. i suppose my hand writing is fairy small
    what's mab?

    oh i was going to ask if you want to study with me, spiral and zombieapocolypse. :p
    The notes I have right now are nothing too spectacular. Marketing was basically a learning curve for me on how to write notes on the syllabus. The first 60% is practically the textbook and the last 40% I've actually written in my own words, and dw about it, I don't mind.
    same here. i will be really disappointed if i dont get over 99+ atar. but if i get into med that would be okay.
    because that would mean i would have to study medicine much later. i am dyyyying to do med right now
    my only back up plan is to redo the UMAT while i take some other science course in uni.

    i want to specialise, that's be cool, but my primary reason of doing medicine is so that i can play a part in assisting the people in parts of the world where there is a shortage of health care or doctors or whatever. so i dont knowwwwzzzzzzzzz
    aww, that's EXACTLY what i think too :)

    id much rather undergrad though.

    i have this friend who always says 'íd love to be a doctor but i dont want to sacrifice 14 years of my life studying' (for specialising). and im like. lol. no comment.

    do you want to specialise?
    that's kinda long isn't it.

    4 years of whatever undergrad + 4 years post grad = 8 years

    whereas undergrad is just 5/6 years.

    i surely hope i get into med ! D:
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