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  • i guess our strategies are the same:drop to reduce stress and work a bit harder to beat the bell curve. i also need to beat the bell curve for drama (difficult with group work) and study like hell for chemistry. at least bio and religion are going well. now that i've had two weeks camping around New Zealand i feel ready to put last term before me and attack this year as hard as possible.
    i'm just hating maths. i need all the units i can get. i am not nearly up to scratch for medicine :( hopefully ext. 2 english will help me. that way i only need half of maths or chem.

    yes it was like every holiday at once for me too when i dropped ext. maths but that feeling went at the next test.
    waking up makes me want to set a piece of writing on fire unless it's done carefully. i'm not going to go out of my way to be dark and cynical but i've develloped a pretty sarchastic/ironic humour from my family and feeder school. four years there and anyone would go crazy.

    for preliminary i finished with ext. english, adv. maths, chem, bio, drama and 1U studies of rel. i started with ext. maths and 2U SOR but i was politely kicked out of ext. maths so i shuffled my religion to start drama.
    and i was just politely kicked out of adv. maths so i'll be mentally cursing my old math teacher while studying general maths. no i don't do homework.

    i'm sure you were much more sensible
    if there's one thing i can't stand it's when i'm reading a book and i reach the words "and then [I/She/He] woke up". grr.

    we've been warned through our chain of schools that's way too overdone. and the same thing goes with cliches; they're cliches for a reason. i want something completely original that will leave the marker wondering what the hell was going through my head when i began writing. in a good way of course....an admiring 'wtf' if that makes sense.

    i want to go for a Lost kind of thing: lots of symbols, an exploration of the meaningless nature of the human condition and attempt to replace known "certainties", an ending that's not clear

    i will check out Donnie Darko. it's in my mum's collection but i just havn't heard much about it. i will probably go for a darker undertone just because my natural cynicism could really work here. it worked in the drama absurdist performance we had to write. i think.
    wow. that is such a sophisticated idea! i hope it works out for you because that sounds very intelligent. people at my school are just thinking "creative story" or "poem", so just an interesting story. i like going beyond basic :)

    i would love to help someone out with acting. i do drama lessons instead of sport since my ankles are destroyed from 8 years of gymnastics. i just doubt my abilities behind the camera. we drama students at our school love cameras

    my only idea right now is to write a circular story (absurdism:circular meaningless story) that's all in someone's head and i don't think i can capture that on film. i was thinking 17 yr old girl spending another day shut up in her room...no i don't get out much lol

    i go to a place called st francis xavier's college. obviously catholic. i'm an atheist but my grandparents expect it and my mum went to the schools i've gone to except my current one because of the catholic system here being rearanged to be co-ed.
    virtual high five for double ext. english! know what you're doing yet? i'm thinking about a creative writing piece in the postmodern style, with a lot of influences from the theatre of the absurd, which may change into a play or a poem. i'm a drama student, and absurdism was an easy and fun topic that will be easy to steal from lol
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