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  • Hey man, getting this message whilst trying to PM you:
    'bleakarcher has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.'
    Let me know when I can send messages to you once again :)
    Hi Champion!
    Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Rebecca Zammit, a teen confidence coach and tutor in English. I offer free videos and tips on excelling in English at my site
    All you have to do is subscribe for the first chapter of my ebook 7 Ways to Stop Falling Asleep in Class. Sooooo helpful!
    I also want to offer you my Master Public Speaking Course on Udemy at 75% discount.
    Here is your coupon- (only $5)
    I am a very caring mentor to have. If you need anything, please reach out via Udemy (a site you will adore!) or my website.
    I'll post here since I don't want to hijack your tutoring thread.

    I've been going pretty good lately, managed to get my hands on two first year uni maths books so that's been fun :p

    Awesome marks in 3U/4U btw, I'm still bummed that I made so many sillies myself! I'm planning on making a tutoring thread for students in my area, going to have to sell my maths comp results since they are so much better than my hsc marks.

    What are you doing at uni next year? Will I be seeing you at USYD in the adv maths course by any chance :p
    hi, i saw your post on MX2 CSSA trials about Basel's problem.

    Do examiners normally put Basel's problem in exams? If so which (year) BOS exam? and, do you have nice proof?

    haha okay sorry i'm just paranoid. I'm just curious as fuck. What subs are you doing this year
    dx describes an infinitesimal change in x or in other words an extremely small change in x.

    now fuck off. kthanks.
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